Spring is Coming: Seasonal Goals

Yesterday marked the last full moon (called the Frost Moon) of winter, and while the effects of the full moon are felt for a few days, I certainly feel like spring is on the way. I’ve seen the signs for a few months already, with snowdrops appearing in January, and crocuses and daffodils peering up in early February. Nature all around us is waking up, and so too are we. … More Spring is Coming: Seasonal Goals

Be Creative Series: Sketchbook Art for Mental Health

This post will be part of a new series of monthly blog posts, all about how creativity, across many different creative activities, can help with your mental health. This month I want to focus on sketchbook art – mainly because October is The Big Draw, and also known as Inktober, both of which are very well known in the social media sphere. … More Be Creative Series: Sketchbook Art for Mental Health

Poem of the Day: The Winding Road

Sometimes things get a bit mixed up in my head – all thanks to fear really. My brain is just trying to protect me, because I’m doing something new and I’m afraid of being hurt or rejected by stepping out of my comfort zone and sharing my words with the world. Everyday I write my words, fight back by sharing my thoughts in the hope that they will inspire others, and today this poem is for all of us today – which happens to also be World Mental Health Day. … More Poem of the Day: The Winding Road