Autumn Goals: Free Printable

I’m writing this towards the end of August and I can’t believe that we’re here. At the end of summer and the start of autumn. It feels surreal, and yet here we are. Many of us are planning for new school years, new semesters, whether we’re students or parents, and while I don’t personally need to plan in that kind of sense, I still feel that strange, almost innate desperation to plan and prepare for the cooler weather. … More Autumn Goals: Free Printable

Eat More Seasonally: August Seasonal Foods

I meant to write this blog post the previous Friday, but honestly, I felt I needed to chill after a week of work – considering – it was only my second week at a new job, so my blog posts did fall a bit by the wayside last week. I’ve made up for it this week though, with a bunch of great posts, and today I’m sharing the seasonal foods of August! … More Eat More Seasonally: August Seasonal Foods

Spring is Coming: Seasonal Goals

Yesterday marked the last full moon (called the Frost Moon) of winter, and while the effects of the full moon are felt for a few days, I certainly feel like spring is on the way. I’ve seen the signs for a few months already, with snowdrops appearing in January, and crocuses and daffodils peering up in early February. Nature all around us is waking up, and so too are we. … More Spring is Coming: Seasonal Goals