NaPoWriMo 2022: Poem of the Day – ‘Dreaming’

Life has a funny way of getting in the way sometimes. It really does affect our dreams and the things we want to do. Sometimes dreams don’t always work out, or sometimes they work out but not quite how you expected.

I feel some days I look at my word prompts and I’m lost at what to write for them. And then other days the words burst on the page in quick momentum.

The prompt I used for this poem was actually ‘earth’, yet I suppose I ended up writing about stars and dreams and how sometimes we yearn for more, even if we’re stuck on the ground.

I think the take-away from this is – don’t stop dreaming. Yes, some dreams don’t ever come true entirely – life really does get in the way sometimes. But maybe that’s because a dream has to wait, wait for the right time, the right moment, the right person. It could be you, making the dream possible, but you have to be in the right state of mind to make it happen, you have to have the right ingredients to create something. 

It could happen in your lifetime, or a dream could happen much, much later. Sometimes decades down the line, or even centuries. I suppose it depends on how big you dream, and the journey you take to get there.

Here’s to dreams. I hope you enjoy the poem.


I get lost in the stars sometimes

Drawn in by the movement of the galaxies, 

The planets, the great gas giants,

The blazing hot suns and white dwarfs

I look up at the sky and imagine worlds

Places that I could never see or touch

But perhaps I could imagine better

A life unburdened by hatred and fear

But dreaming can only take you so far

And sometimes we have to leave dreams

Let them fade into the ether, the stars themselves

Take them back like whispered songs

Hopes and wonders unknown and wraithlike

Because some dreams cannot exist

But that isn’t a bad thing, no

It’s like when you wake from sleep

And you see the dreaming there,

The wonders you imagined in the night

But the wonders can’t exist on earth

Not yet, not yet, the stars whisper

One day, some dreams will become

Some dreams will rise and live like stars

Blazing bright in the firelight and drawing

Human moths to the endless flame

But time has a hand in all things

And these feet on the ground

This gravity, this earth under our toes

Takes the slower path, let’s us learn

Sometimes dreams can’t happen

Not the way we think they should

Sometimes dreams are waiting

For the right heart to wake them up

The stars are whispering to the dark

It’s almost time, almost time

For the dreamer to wake from sleep

Walk the earth and share the secrets

It’s almost time for the dream to begin.

Kate @ Kandid Chronicles x


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