About Me

Hi and welcome to my blog, Kandid Chronicles! 

My name is Kate, and I want to tell you a bit about myself and my journey up until this point.

I originally started this blog a few years ago, hoping to write about my journey with General Anxiety Disorder, Psoriasis, and working on self-care, but I could never quite get started properly with it. Turns out, I needed to sort myself out a bit, both emotionally and spiritually, and this year has been an intense rollercoaster of growth for me on this front.

So, I came back to this blog and thought – hold up… I really feel it’s time to start this up again but why am I desperate to blog? Why do I feel this calling to write?

I spent over a decade working in corporate jobs across the charity, education, and culture sectors, dipping into all types of marketing and design skills from managing social media to writing emails, creating posters and flyers for events, to advertising research. All the while in my spare time I’ve been writing a novel and penning poetry, doodling in journals and sketchbooks, and trying out any type of creative art and design I could come across – because my soul was crying out for me to create. Don’t we all have those stories, whatever our age? Where we’ve spent years in the corporate industry because we believe that’s what constitutes success… yet all the while, deep down, we’re desperate to listen to our soul whispering in our hearts.

This year, 2020 marked a significant change for the world. A pandemic ravaged through countless countries and still continues to do so, separating us from that all-too-vital contact with each other. 

What can we do, I hear you say? How can we change? How can we stop this? How can we be better and fight for the very world we live on?

The answer – is listen to what your heart is whispering to you. The answer is courage and connection. We have lived out of balance with ourselves and the world around us for too long, and this blog is rising within me to tell my story, to share stories and knowledge from around the world, to connect with other people so we can change together – for the better.

What I write will be honest and candid. In between the poetry and writings and art I love, this blog is a chronicle of my explorations of health and wellbeing – for myself as a human and for the world as a whole. Perhaps you’re working through mental health struggles and immune issues, and wondering what your place is in all of this is now you’re awakening to the fact that the world needs us to be different. Perhaps you’re just curious. Or perhaps you’re already living the life your soul has urged you to do so. Whatever the journey you are on, I welcome you, and hope you can welcome me and my journey too.

It’s taken me a long time to realise what my purpose is – literally, over thirty years! But I love words and always have. I’ve been reading since I was three (I actually asked for my mum to teach me!), and can’t even remember learning to – it’s such an integral part of who I am. So words are my past, present and future, and this blog is my way of exploring my passion for words and stories and share them with others.

This blog will share my own thoughts and experiences, with a bit of poetry thrown in for good measure – all in alignment with my passions and my fight for a better world. I hope that even some of what I write about will inspire you to listen to your heart too.

As always, keeping it kandid.

Kate x