Hello to all who are here and welcome to Kandid Chronicles!

My dream is to write and I’ve spent much of my life dealing with health issues. When I was born I had a mal-rotated gut, so I had urgent surgery when I was about 6/7 months old. Over my childhood years, I had quite a few issues with food, and certainly into my teens I was prone to more mental health issues. The connection between the gut and your mental health is so important, and this blog is all about how to look after yourself, both through doing what you love, and eating what is right for you.

That doesn’t mean you can’t eat what you love though – in moderation of course! I have a sweet tooth, so baking is right up my street. Because I’m  gluten and dairy-free for my stomach, and I try to keep the sugar in my life down to good levels, you can expect me to share the ways I still cook and bake my favourite meals – but ensuring it’s healthy for my gut and therefore my own mental health.

I love reading, learning new things about the world, and trying my hand at any type of art and culture – music (playing piano), painting, photography, doodling in a sketchbook, and of course – Bullet Journalling! I’ll be sharing my own bullet journal spreads here too if people want to follow along and even share their own journal spreads with me!

This is the start of a new journey of me pursuing my passions. I hope you can share in the love of these life joys of art, music, writing these blogs (and poetry of course) and more.

Welcome to all and I hope we can pursue our dream lives together of doing what we love.

Kate @ Kandid Chronicles