Super Seven Books for Autumn

This last week marked the Autumn Equinox, so as we’re officially in Autumn now, I wanted to share seven books I would absolutely recommend every autumn. They’re just packed with magic, fairies, ghosts, ghouls, and history. Every one of them. … More Super Seven Books for Autumn

Book Review: ‘Godsgrave’ by Jay Kristoff

Oh my god. Talk about a rollercoaster of a book. It had highs and lows (in terms of people dying you really wanted to live), and that ending… I honestly can’t get over it. After I finished the book I spent the next ten minutes just saying the words ‘Oh my god’ over and over again. … More Book Review: ‘Godsgrave’ by Jay Kristoff

Book Review: ‘The Lost Tide Warriors’ by Catherine Doyle

As always with a series, you hope the second, third, fourth (or more) books hold up against the explosive first book. It’s a requirement isn’t it? A driving need, because you loved that first book so much you’re expecting something greater – or at least on the same level – of that first in the series. … More Book Review: ‘The Lost Tide Warriors’ by Catherine Doyle