Poem of the Day: The Winding Road

Sometimes things get a bit mixed up in my head – all thanks to fear really. My brain is just trying to protect me, because I’m doing something new and I’m afraid of being hurt or rejected by stepping out of my comfort zone by sharing my words with the world. Everyday I write my words, fight back by sharing my thoughts in the hope that they will inspire others, and today this poem is for all of us – which happens to also be World Mental Health Day.

The Winding Road

Life’s a winding road
Of troubles and successes
There’s tales to tell and stories inside
And we wander this road not alone

All of us walk this path
We are struggling and winning too
The light inside does not dim
Because we know what we have to do

Sing aloud and dance with the waves
Bring love into our hearts
Feel the Earth beneath our feet
And look up to the stars above

We are all here standing
Alive and well and strong
We feel our hearts calling, asking
For a hand to know we belong.

As a final note to this poem (and I do want to write a post today about Mental Health as it’s World Mental Health Day), if you’re struggling yourself, you know someone is struggling themselves with their mental health, or even if you don’t know they’re struggling – the best thing you could do is reach out to another person and tell them you care. It could just be an emoji wave to a friend you haven’t talked to in awhile, or a virtual (or physical one if you can) hug to someone in your life.

Thanks for reading, and keep it kandid!

Kate x


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