Give Love and Be Kind

Dear Reader

It’s hard, isn’t it, sometimes to make it through the day. But one thing I’ve learnt in this time of upheaval that is COVID-19 is that we are not alone. There are so many people in our lives – some who we knew years ago, some who we know now and have known for decades, and some who have only recently arrived in our life in the last few days, weeks, or months. 

There’s so many people out there struggling with the situation that is this virus and its impact. Whether that’s here in the UK or abroad in another country altogether. We are all together, fighting through it, hoping that it will pass.

And it will pass. 

When I’m feeling unsettled or anxious at any point, I turn to the things I love: music, words, the people in my life, and so many other things I love to do. But I also look after myself with comforting things, like a warm blanket, a hot water bottle (or one of those microwaveable things you can get nowadays), and comforting foods like soups and risottos and stews (perfect for the autumn season too!). 

You may think – all these things seem simple enough, but it’s the simple things that get us through. They are, in fact, the most important part of who we are. 

I love this quote from Gandalf in the Lord of the Rings:  

I found it is the small everyday deeds of ordinary folk that keep the darkness at bay. Small acts of kindness and love.”

Give love where you can. Give love by having a comforting bowl of soup. Give love by offering a cup of tea to someone in need. Be kind to others, but don’t forget to be kind to yourself too.

Keeping it Kandid,



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