Poem of the Week: Speak Your Truth

Speaking the truth is the most important thing you can do, and today my poem is all about that. Sometimes we bottle everything up inside for fear of hurting others, but that only hurts us too. We need to speak our truth, whether that’s to ourselves out loud, or to others if we do it in love, and then that pain can finally be released.

Here’s my poem today, all about speaking your truth.

Speak Your Truth

I know what I’m supposed to do
Though I’m feeling a little lost
Words are my way of sharing thoughts
And feelings to those I love most

Sometimes the words aren’t right
But I stand up and start again
I keep trying and trying until
The words wash away the pain

There is a light I see now
These words on paper or screen
They’re here to light me up
And in my heart they’ve always been

I’ve spent years being the good girl
Trying not to be a burden
But the light inside has been calling
And I hear it now so sudden

These are my words, this is my song
I am shouting them out loud now
For all the ones who want to speak
I say stand now and speak aloud

Speak your truth and with love for all
For together we are one
Listen to your heart’s whisper
And we will celebrate in song.

Until next time; keep it candid.

Sending you all love and good wishes!
Kate @ Kandid Chronicles.


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