Poem of the Day: Dreaming

Oh, I’ve had a crazy emotional roller-coaster of a day today, I don’t know about you!

I truly need to stop watching or getting distracted by the news. It just doesn’t do anything for my anxieties. The more I see, the more I get swallowed up by it! And I only saw the news articles over lunchtime! … More Poem of the Day: Dreaming

Life, Work, and Finding your Purpose…

I’m lucky enough to be working, and not only is it close to home (especially since I’ve moved closer to the area), it’s also a good job with enough money coming in each month for me to save a little for my own place (here’s me staring at the far flung future).

But, my job is also a contract, and that means that I’m on the hunt for a new one.

There are a lot of stressful situations in life, but generally, most of us get on with them and deal. For some reason, this year I’ve given myself two ‘Goals’ that crop up as a decent enough stressor for anyone – moving house and getting a new job.

For those dealing with anxiety over any uncertain situation, you’ll probably understand that I’m a little unsettled at the moment. Forget the anxieties of wondering if all your skills you’ve built up over the years match up to the job spec, one of the main worries is whether you’ll get the right job for you. … More Life, Work, and Finding your Purpose…