Poem of the Week: Dreaming

Oh, I’ve had a crazy emotional roller-coaster of a day today, I don’t know about you!

I truly need to stop watching or getting distracted by the news. It just doesn’t do anything for my anxieties. The more I see, the more I get swallowed up by it! And I only saw the news articles over lunchtime!

I was also a bit worried about my parents, especially my mum today. She’s so proactive, so busy all the time (it’s the Virgo in her, I swear), but today she was out in the garden doing work and had a really bad dizzy spell. I stopped work for lunch and saw she was lying in the TV room, obviously not well. She couldn’t sit up without feeling dizzy. But had she eaten anything since breakfast or even had any water today? Um. No. No wonder she was feeling awful!

Anyhow, she’s feeling better now, but there’s still that underlying concern that she’s doing far too much. I will be doing something about that for sure. For one thing, I’m cooking dinner tonight!

Well. In between all these emotions running rampant inside today, I finished work and wrote up a poem for you. I’m feeling very much like things are changing on so many levels at the moment. Besides the worldwide situation, which is incredibly hard and stressful on all of us, but I still feel like we’re all taking stock where we can and realising what’s important, and I suppose this poem reflects that.


Sit and catch a ray of light.
Ask a question for a while
Trust a life is shining
Waiting to be free

Scary times don’t last
Forever is a day
Time flows like the river
Shifting under our feet

I hear words in my heart
I listen to those whispers
Dancing in the open breeze
Catching my eyes alight

Close those eyes now
Forget what you see
Are we just a dream
Of what we want to be?

All we are is within
All we can be is rising
I feel it in the earth now
Speaking silently

Fear still takes a hand
Uncertainty is deep
But each step I take
Brings life right back to me.

Kate @ Kandid Chronicles x


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