April Actions: Stop Procrastinating!

What do I say? Today is the 1st day of April and according to the stars (the first quarter moon is in Cancer), it’s a great time to begin on those plans you’ve been promising in your head to do (check out Soulshine Astrology if you want to know more – her emails and site are amazing. Just loving her and what she does, honestly).

Well, I can tell you… I certainly have a lot of plans.

The thing is… I’ve always wanted to blog.

No. Scratch that. I’ve always wanted to write. Blogging’s just an extension of that, right?

But I’ve always struggled what to write about. I love books, so I’ve wondered, should I start a review site? I love writing, and one of my big plans – the biggest plan of my life – is to be a published author, so there have been times when I’ve wondered also, should I create a blog based off that – write poetry/stories weekly or daily (if I have the time)? I also deal daily with anxiety and (more recently as of last year) psoriasis, so perhaps I should try my hand at garnering advice and share tips and tricks for others to benefit from? And lastly, but by no means least, I’ve been on a particularly crazy and yet eye-opening spiritual journey of late… so do I share that instead?

Wow, there’s so much there! And don’t we all struggle with that? There’s so much inside of us we want to share, to connect with others about, how can you simply choose one part of you? We are all part of the same spirit, of humankind, but we’re all unique too. You might connect with one person on one topic, and others with another. But isn’t that how it should be? The fact that we can connect with so many people on so many things?

I’ll be honest… the real reason I haven’t put all my attention into a blog is that I’m a big procrastinator, and a lot of the reasons for that are linked to what this guy, Mark Manson, is saying here. I worry about how I’ll be perceived, whether this will even work at all. But the reality is, I love writing and sharing knowledge. That’s just who I am, and if even one person reads these blog posts and finds something worthwhile, I’d be so happy with that.

N.B. If you haven’t read his books (‘How Not to Give a F*ck’ & ‘Everything is F*cked: A Book About Hope’) or his blog articles yet – you may be missing out… this guy’s writing is just one of the things this past year I’ve encountered that have completely changed my mindset and started me on the right path. But it’s been a year full of those interesting experiences for sure!

So, you know what? I’m determining to change this, and I don’t see why I can’t combine all of my favourite things into one blog. It’s called Kandid Chronicles after all – named so because my name is Kate and I wanted to share – truthfully – all the things that I experience and encounter. Whether that’s books or a person’s inspirational insights that speak to me, a poem I’ve written in the moment, or advice I’ve found particularly helpful in dealing with my mental health.

If something resonates with you out there on any of my posts, that any advice or words or ideas connect with you and inspire you in some way… well, I couldn’t ask for anything more than that from the universe.

Here’s to more frequent blog posts in the future!

Kate @ Kandid Chronicles x


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