Weekly Reflections – The Magic of You

I saw this quote on Pinterest and smiled.

Check out more artwork by Meera Lee Patel here.

There’s a deep truth in this quote. We’re always struggling with ourselves, desperate to do more, to be more, to prove to ourselves and others that we are here for a reason.

I know I’ve struggled with this over the years. There’s been a tale told by my mother over the years, how she saw a psychic when she was in her early twenties, was told she’d have three children (which she did), that she’d never be rich but never be poor (too true), and that one of her children would be successful.

Wow, but that’s a tough pill to take when you’re a teenager, looking at your older and younger siblings, already feeling a little lost as the middle child – as I was – staring at the others believing that you had to be better than the others, or if you weren’t better – that would mean you wouldn’t be a success.

Ok I admit, I would love to be successful. But successful in the fact that I’m achieving all I want to in life, getting my voice out there, sharing skills and knowledge, and above all helping towards the world in some way, shape or form. I want to be successful in the fact that I’ll be happy, doing all the things I love, trying out new things, expanding my knowledge and artistic skills in some way, shape, or form.

I’ve been having a little trouble narrowing down the meaning of this blog. I started off by writing book reviews, poetry, and adding in blog posts I wanted to share, but then I thought – hold up, what do I want this blog to be about? It’s named ‘Kandid Chronicles’ for one, and that I feel is actually a chronicling of thoughts and feelings and scribbles and notes that I feel would be important, that would give some knowledge or help to others.

So, I’ve decided to change up the blog a bit. There’s still going to be book reviews, there’s still going to be poetry – and possibly short stories at some point, but I’ve decided that instead of your usual run-of-the-mill blog posts, I wanted to write a weekly reflection.

These weekly reflections will focus on something that sparked my interest that week – like the quote above – or relate to a specific theme that may be milling about on the news or on social media. They’re just not going to be narrowed down. They’ll be free flowing. Words that hopefully inspire a conversation and a thought. 

I want to use the magic that is me to create something that will inspire, will help in some way. Yes, maybe there will be little snippets of useful tips and tricks along the way. Maybe I’ll share apps that have helped me, blogs that have inspired me, words that have drawn me in and pulled at the heartstrings enough that I need to share.

So what am I writing this week? What are my reflections? This week it’s all about progress and success.

Like the quote says:

“There is no magical perfect version of you waiting in the future. You are here. Use the magic you have now.”

What does that quote mean to me? It means that all those ideas, all those things you want to share or do or act on, you should start now. That perfect moment never appears, it’s all about starting right now with all the skills and knowledge and magic that is in you.

Maybe you have a whole host of ideas in your head – like me – and don’t know where to start?

I say, start small. Begin where you are. For example:

  1. I want to start scrapbooking. I don’t know where to begin or how to layout the pages, so I’m going to do the following:
    1. Get a scrapbook or large notepad that you like the look of.
    2. Collect paper and images and even have a hunt for some stamps or stickers
    3. Get browsing on YouTube. It has a whole host of videos to help you begin.
    4. And then just… begin. Start from the very first page and take your time.
  1. I want to start embroidery projects but I’m worried I won’t be good enough, won’t have enough time, won’t be able to know what stitches to do.
    1. Check out Oh Sew Bootiful. They have little packs that are a mix of all levels. Get one that calls out to you – it has all the stuff you need. A book on stitches, thread, needles, a hoop, and the design.
    2. If you’re inspired after that, check out free embroidery patterns. Here are a few sites to begin with:
      1. DMC Free Patterns
      2. Cutesy Craft Free Patterns
      3. Love Crafts Free Patterns
    3. Grab your hoops and material at any craft store. I love Hobbycraft here in the UK.
  2. You want to start an exercise regime but are too nervous about going to the gym. That’s ok, you can start small and start at home, building up your confidence.
    1. Determine the best time of day for you and set-up a schedule. Start small, maybe a few times a week perhaps on a Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
    2. Check out YouTube for some great exercise routines. I love The Body Coach.
    3. Don’t worry about getting all the kit, I tend to exercise in my pyjamas some days! Otherwise, just get a cheap t-shirt or two and some jogging bottoms. Use some old but comfortable trainers.

That’s just a few examples. You’re starting small. Maybe you want to share your progress with friends and family. That’s great – it keeps people in the know and able to motivate you.

And once you’ve started, how do you measure progress? How do you measure success? 

I actually say forget measuring progress and focusing on success. The fact is, there are going to be days where you don’t want to do those things. There are going to be days where you just want to chill in front of the TV and binge watch that new Netflix show. And that’s ok. (I mean, if you’re into crafts like me you can always do them while watching TV. I am working on a little embroidery project at the moment while watching Gilmore Girls… it’s an autumn thing).

Yes, it’s nice to see how far we’ve come. But you’ll see that naturally. After a month you’ll notice how far you are in your crafting projects, how you’re able to do the exercise regime a little easier, how you’re able to run that little bit longer or ride that bike an extra half-mile without too much effort. I’m just speaking examples here.

I don’t think we should focus on progress and success as much as we do. Life is about trying new things, about experimentation and exploration. That’s the beauty and magic of it. I mean, I do like to give myself little projects to do every month, and if those projects end up expanding into other months that’s fine with me. It’s the journey. Not the destination.

“Life is a journey just waiting to begin”

Another little quote there, and I absolutely believe it. It’s not about success, about progress, it’s about sharing and discovery.

When I started this blog I wasn’t sure where it would go. It was all about sharing and exploration. So far I’ve been writing for almost a year and things have evolved since then – as they should do. I even started up a Bookstagram called Shelf Yarns to share my books and reviews and absolutely love the community. I even started vlogging, and I’m sure I’m learning all the time on that. I want it all to be fun, rather than work. And that’s the point, isn’t it?

But remember, as you go through your explorations and discoveries, things take time. You might begin with a new craft or an exercise regime and get frustrated after a few months that maybe you feel you’re not where you want to be. And yes – let’s link back to the thought above that life is a journey. I want to tell you that it’ll take more than a year before you feel comfortable and happy with things, as it did me. I’m not saying that to scare you though – it’s just the honest, candid truth. It has taken me months of exploring and changing and developing. I think that’s great. We’re all learning as we go.

So keep going. Try new things. Bring your magic to the table. Forget the destination and just focus on the journey. You never know where it will take you. 

Kate @ Kandid Chronicles x


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