NaPoWriMo 2022 – Poem of the Day: The Tale in the Night

I was finding it hard to write the poem for the 4th of April and suddenly hours turned into days and I realised the daily routine and slipped. I blame fatigue. Instead of writing this poem on the actual day of the 4th, I fell asleep. And the following day I found it still harder to write, my mind caught up with that irritating fog that had yet to dissipate. After encountering Covid, well perhaps it’s understandable.

Yes, I’ve had the dreaded lurgy. I ended up getting it about 10-12 days ago and while I’m now negative, it seems I’ve still got a bit of post-viral tiredness. Ah well. These things happen. It’s a chance for me to take a step back and listen to myself, understand that if I need rest, that’s ok. So long as you continue doing the things you love in the right time and frame of mind, however long it takes. I’m still determined to write 30 poems for April and 30 I will write.

Today’s prompt is ‘Stories’. Sometimes I wonder at the story I tell myself of my life, what has happened and what is to come, but ultimately it’s a thing to sit back at the end of the day and maybe mull over the things that you’d do differently (and hopefully act accordingly to those situations that come up later down the line), but also it’s good to remember all the good times too, to determine that whatever your story will be at the end will contain both the good and the bad. Because ultimately isn’t that what makes a good story? And aren’t we all stories at the end of the day? Tales we tell ourselves, our friends, and family when all is said and done?

Yeah, maybe someone will say to me – life isn’t a story, life isn’t a fairytale. Well, it depends on what fairytale you’re reading because I have read some bat-shit-crazy ones… but that’s beside the point. Maybe life’s more complicated than your average novel, or even a series of books. But in the end, all our memories are just stories. We don’t remember all the boring bits, the life-min, the day-to-day chores. We remember the moments that made us laugh, cry, despair, or delight. And isn’t that what makes a good story?

So, what story do you tell yourself? Are you the protagonist in your tale? Because if you’re not… Well, who else would you be?

The Tale in the Night

What are the stories we tell ourselves
In the middle of the night
Do we whisper of our achievements
Or the chances now out of sight?
The ones we’ve met and loved and lost
And the days we’d keep whatever the cost
I wonder if we speak of fairy tales instead
Of magic and wonder and of books unread

Do we close our eyes and dream of worlds
Unseen and untouched outside darkness
Do we smile at our hopes, at the delight
Or weep silent tears of sorrow and distress
I wish all our stories involved only light
Instead of including anger, fear, and fright
But stories my dear teach oh so much more
And take us swiftly to entrancing shores

So now as you lie back and rest your head
Smile at your failures and laugh instead
Hear the stories of dazzlement and dread
And only look to the journey ahead.

Kate @ Kandid Chronicles x


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