NaPoWriMo 2022 – Poem of the Day: Disappearing Words

Today’s prompt (or rather, the prompt of April 5th, as I’m a little behind) was ‘disappear’ and I thought back to a question I’d been thinking about at the dinner table earlier in the evening. The whole idea of consciousness and the soul. And then the thought grew about the end of things. The day we journey on from life to whatever’s next – be it some other plane of existence, another life (I personally do believe in reincarnation – just putting it out there), or even the nothingness that some believe in (I do not believe this, because hello, we’re matter and energy, and energy doesn’t die, it merely changes. It cannot be created or destroyed. But that’s another thought entirely).

So the question is, do we disappear? I’m not convinced we do entirely, but still, the question tipped over my thoughts and this poem was born. I guess it’s a little about disappearing, and wondering if you don’t disappear – if perhaps when or if you become spirit or energy or whatever, what can you do to communicate? How can you tell anyone that you do still exist, even if it’s not on the same level of existence as those still living? Does that beg the question then as to what living is? Maybe there’s only constant change, change of circumstances, change of situation, change of being.

Yes, I have some majorly big questions that pop up in my head every so often, and my apologies if I’ve made you either start to overthink or whether you’ve shrugged it off because it could be too ‘out there’. If you’re curious about my thoughts and my own words on the matter… Well, you can start by reading the poem below. 

And if you have your own thoughts – please share!

Disappearing Words

Sometimes there’s a question
That rolls around in my mind
That echo of something uncertain
Of a path I can’t quite take
At least not yet, not yet, not yet
Because what happens at the end
When the world disappears?
Do you disappear too?
Like the mist in the early morn
Do you stay to whisper through the trees
Do you stay to sing a song?
But how can you speak without breath
How can you talk without a tongue
Maybe that’s why we disappear
Because words are lost between
Between the slips of air and earth
Between the slices of worlds unseen
At the end of it all we cannot scream
We can only smile and cry dry tears
That’s why we have words now
To speak our thoughts and heart
To share the world within our minds
Because those words will soon be gone
Our song will surely die
So whisper words or scream them wide
This life of yours has begun.

Kate @ Kandid Chronicles x


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