NaPoWriMo 2022: Poem of the Day – ‘Spring Returns’

I’m still a few days behind but it’s the weekend. That means time to catch-up on my prompts as well as all the standard jobs and lifemin that are put off during the week. Am I alone in that? Knowing that there are things that need to be done, but leaving them to the weekend to get done?

The prompt for April 6th was “nowhere” and honestly I had no clue why I’d chosen that word, and no ideas on what to write for it. But as usual, as I started looking at the page, the words began to flow. Somehow I ended up writing about the animals in the forest at night and it grew into a piece on the Goddess Eostre. 

Eostre, known and linked to the festival of Ostara, is a Germanic spring goddess celebrated at the Spring Equinox. The celebration of Easter comes from the original pagan Spring Festival of Ostara, and even the name Easter itself is derived from Eostre.

I’ll share more about her later this month, but certainly one of the symbols associated with her is the hare, and I played this in nicely with the poem written for today’s prompt.

I hope you enjoy.

Spring Returns

What does the cat say deep in the night

Nothing, nothing, she stays out of sight

Where does the fox go on the full moon

Nowhere, nowhere, but he’ll be back soon

How does the owl fly, so silent and quick

Soft, soft, they fly their old swooping trick

When will the hares return home from the scout

Ahh when they’ve finally stopped their free gad-a-bout

So now listen close and watch in the dark

And tread careful and quick over stone and bark

For deep in the woods where nobody goes

There’s magic afoot of which only some know

The cat would whisper of tales only told

Of dragons and fey and warriors bold

The fox would slip from the shadows beyond

And laugh at the stories of which he is fond

The owl would turn their head all around

But despite their wings they’d make not a sound

But the hares, oh the hares, their moment has come

And they dance both in night and the light of the sun

The flowers below, they pop out into the air

And a figure appears from the trees, oh so fair

This queen of the woods, with a wave of her hand

Lifts the sun from the earth, to stretch over the land.

Kate @ Kandid Chronicles x


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