NaPoWriMo 2022 – Poem of the Day: Gratitude

Today’s prompt is gratitude, and ok, I try every day to find things to be grateful for. Some days it’s harder than others, especially if I watch the news too much, but overall I’m exceptionally lucky. I don’t live in a war-torn country. I can vote and I was able to go to school. I have countless opportunities and skills thanks to education and the jobs I’ve done over the years, I can pretty much become whatever I want to be – with learning the right skills of course. Considering how the world was just 100 years ago, I count myself very lucky to have been born when I was, to live through this current world we live in, in the country I live in. 

Yes, there are things that need to change. Yes, there are parts of the world where there are not the same opportunities. We know the difference between right and wrong. We know that even in our own countries where things seem ok, where there are more opportunities, there are still inequalities that need to be addressed.

I sometimes sit and despair at all the things that need to change. I know there’s so much that needs to be done, and it seems unbearable not knowing where to start. And who am I, to suggest a change? My platform is just this blog, my social accounts, and maybe the times where I donate and pen my name to petitions. There’s always more to do, and we can’t do everything at once. 

But, I suppose it’s even like recycling, cutting down on plastic, or using tote bags instead of plastic ones. If everyone cut down on 10 things in terms of plastic and used sustainable things instead. If everyone cooked fresh at least 2-3 times a week instead of using plastic-covered fruit and veg or microwaveable meals (and you can get plastic or packaging-free stuff – even in the supermarkets). If everyone used tote bags or jute bags instead of plastic ones… surely that is better than nothing at all? Maybe it’s just looking at what you know needs to change and determining the first steps…

But this post isn’t all about suggesting ways to change. Perhaps it’s just my thoughts running away with me. No, this post is about being grateful for what we do have. Now that doesn’t mean sitting back and just accepting the status quo. It’s about being grateful for what we do have and knowing we have all the things we need to make a positive difference, not just in our little corner of the world, but hopefully for the world at large too.

Here’s the poem for today, and possibly with a bit of a laughable ending… but hey, I’m grateful for my way of laughing at life.


I’m grateful for the times I’ve lived
I’m grateful for the glee
I’m grateful for the sunny skies
And the southern-stretching sea

I’m grateful for the tears I’ve shed
I’m grateful for the scars
They tell me I’m here to tell a tale
While reaching for the stars

I’m grateful for the lessons learned
And the ones that are yet to come
I’m grateful for the chance to smile
Even when things come all undone

I’m grateful for those all around
The ones that stay or go
I’m grateful for the knowledge taught
And the chances that I’ve blown

I’m grateful for my ancient kin
The ones that have come before
I’m grateful for the lives they led
And the ways they fought their wars

I’m grateful for the wish to learn
The urge to right the wrongs
Even when I’m lost at sea
Caught up in my mental throng

I’m grateful for the way things change
And the way truth opens our eyes
I’m grateful for the feelings inside
And the thirst to understand why

But that’s not where my story ends
Gratitude is only one part
It’s always keeping me moving forward
Despite the storms and without a chart.

Kate @ Kandid Chronicles x


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