NaPoWriMo 2022 – Poem of the Day: Unravelling

It’s funny, I had a dream last night and while I can’t remember much of it, I remember a part of it where I was cleaning the dirt off a load of patio tiles, disposing of weeds and dirt, and revealing patterns etched into the tiles themselves. Those patterns were basic mandala shapes, which remembering now feels strange and ethereal considering what mandalas are.

There’s an interesting article here if you want to learn more about mandalas.

In any case, considering the last few months I’ve been doing more and more inner work, unravelling meaning and the whys, where’s, how’s etc. of my journey so far, I feel it’s certainly a subject of my subconscious that I am revealing layers that I have buried or covered up. We all bury things we do not like, pack them away into tiny boxes and hide them at the back of our minds, determined to carry on regardless. But perhaps the issue with that is that those boxes reveal themselves at inopportune moments, and suddenly we have to face uncomfortable truths. Sometimes we hide them away again, but other times we face them instead, and like ripping a plaster away from a wound, it hurts like crazy at first, but I suppose by letting the air get to the wound, it finally heals it. There may be scars left behind, both inside and out, but maybe, just maybe things get easier. That’s the hope, isn’t it? 

So here’s to unravelling the layers, and the second poem of April.


I’m peeling back the layers
Shearing away the ash and dust
Revealing things long left buried
They say time’s a healer
But do they ever tell you
How long it’s going to last?
How long is a piece of string
How tall does a tree grow
I sit here counting the hours
The days, the months, the years
And still the soul breaks
Still the blood and tears flow
Moments of gladness
Don’t keep the dark at bay
But perhaps they mark a star
So their light will guide the way.

Kate @ Kandid Chronicles x


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