Poem of the Week: ‘Rise’ – Celebrating International Women’s Day 2022

I started writing this poem a few days ago, not because of any theme, not because of any word I’d heard, a photo I’d seen, or just for the chance to link to the fact that today is International Women’s Day and, hey, ‘perhaps it’s a good opportunity for me to write a poem or a story’ and share it.

No, I started writing this poem linking to the things that were happening in the news and around me, linking to my own personal feelings at the time – and the feelings I’m still experiencing.

Nevertheless, I feel it is a good poem to share today of all days. I tweaked it, edited it, added to it over the last few days, and now I’m ready to share.

So, this International Women’s Day – and for life in general perhaps, here’s a poem about rising. About women, about humanity, about the essence of life itself.

Feel free to share your own thoughts and feelings about the words below, and even links to your own creative outlets, be it words, art, drama, or however you are creative.

Celebrate your own fire within.

Poem of the Week – Rise

Endings and beginnings
Are they the same thing?
Life and death, black and white
Truth and lies
Creation and destruction
Can there be a middle ground?
Peace within the echo of war?

I am a woman, wild and free
Calm and filled with passion and fire
The quiet within the heart of a storm
I am the beginning and the end
I am filled with life and the future of death
My colours are more than just tones
I tell the truth and speak lies
I create and destroy on a whim
My flesh and blood stands here
Between the earth and air
Filled with water and aflame
There is a war raging within
Yet I take a breath, close my eyes
And feel the stillness unseen.

For we are all human, whispering in the dark
Looking up towards the light
Stars flare and disappear, burning our eyes
But we smile and let ourselves go blind
Because sight doesn’t show reality
Sound doesn’t always tell the truth
It’s our inner voice within, speaking softly
A voice that is never heard but felt
That knows that the atoms all around
All the ash and dust and elements
Were once connected as one
That once the words were all unspelt
And the spirits were all undone.

So rise up to the sky
Reach for the stars once again
Keep those eyes closed my friend
For it doesn’t tell you true
Listen to that still sure voice
And give your neighbour a hand
Because what matters more
Is the essence of this land
There’s a beginning here,
If you have the mind to see
Even as each journey ends
We’ll still be rising up
And breathing our fire in deep.

I’ll leave you with a few of my favourite female poets and their Instagram accounts:

Nikita Gill

Ada Limón

Jonella Vidal

Kate @ Kandid Chronicles x

Currently Listening to Hold On by Birgir


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