Weekly Reflections: Numerology and Poetry – The Meaning of 22.2.22

I find it ironic that I wrote this piece last night at a quarter to one in the morning. I dunno why it sparked into my head, but I just felt the words bubble up, flaring like the fire I write about in the short piece below. 

Then the news came today, with Russia sending troops into Ukraine, and I felt that fear again that I’d felt two years ago, when I heard about the pandemic. It is a strange day today. The combination of twos, which if you read anything into spirituality and numerology, generally means this day’s pretty special and important.

Well, let’s just get this right. Everyday is special and important, even when you don’t realise it is. Even if the day seems straightforward and boring, there’s something happening out there to someone that isn’t straightforward and boring. There’s magic happening everywhere, even when you feel like your life is going down the toilet. Just wake up and look out the window, watch the sun going down, get out and walk in the woods and breathe in that dank forest air – you’ll discover that magic, I promise you.

But what do I mean by numerology anyway? What do I mean by this day – 22.02.2022?

Number one, it’s a palindrome and an ambigram. The descriptions of these are below:

Word: pal·​in·​drome | \ ˈpa-lən-ˌdrōm

Definition of palindrome

: a word, verse, or sentence (such as “Able was I ere I saw Elba”) or a number (such as 1881) that reads the same backward or forward.

Word: am·​bi·​gram | \ ˈam-bə-ˌgram plural ambigrams

Definition of ambigram

: something (such as an image of a written word or phrase) that is intended or able to be oriented in either of two ways for viewing or reading

In terms of Numerology, the number ‘2’ means:

“The Numerology number 2 is known to numerologists as a supremely feminine force, one that represents both grace and power. It is cooperative, always aiming to bring peace and balance back to a relationship or situation. This Numerology number is also very sensitive — of all the numbers, it has the strongest intuition. It is able to sense currents and feelings instinctively, then use these clues to connect with others empathically.

At its very core the 2 in Numerology represents partnerships — the coming together or balancing of two individual people, concepts, or things. While it holds great power over any situation, it wields it with such diplomacy and tact that the result is not control and authority, but harmony and teamwork. It is a mediator, able to see two sides of a situation in an unbiased way and guide others down the middle road.”


I feel with what’s going on in the world at the moment, we need harmony, diplomacy, and a happy medium more than ever. Whether that will develop and change things, who knows. But with all these ‘2’s in today’s date, I’m feeling like it means something. It just tends to mean something different for everyone.

So perhaps I’ll leave you with that – as well as the poem below. Let it mean something different for each of you, and please share what today’s date means to you.

Just remember – the next time we have a palindrome and ambigram date will be in 200 years time on date: 22.2.2222.


Poem of the Month – Fire

Sometimes I feel a fire inside
It grows, a flicker to an ember to a flame
Rising up, up, up into the open sky
Reaching for something about to begin

It’s like looking out into the night
Into the pitch black and searching
Spying a light glowing far and away
Burning like a solar flare, but too far to reach

Sometimes I feel it itching deep within
That curl of something vivid and dark
A violent rise that could wreck the world
Or spark an uprising to startle the stars

I close my eyes and feel the heat
Like a forest on fire, ready to rip
To desecrate the world with ash and light
Dank earth and smoke the only thing left behind

But then I open my eyes once again
And the world is dark and cold
I let the light flare, the warmth in me rise
And see a universe begin.


Currently listening to: My On Repeat Spotify Playlist… here’s some of my fave songs at the moment:

  1. Year of the Young by Smith & Thell
  2. Come to Your Senses from ‘Tick, Tick, Boom’
  3. Louder Than Words from ‘Tick, Tick, Boom’
  4. Sovereign Light Cafe by Keane
  5. No Sanctuary by UNSECRET

That last song I fell in love with after seeing this YouTube video of His Dark Materials. 


2 thoughts on “Weekly Reflections: Numerology and Poetry – The Meaning of 22.2.22

  1. I typically see these repeating numbers as simply a way to brighten up life. My niece turned 9 on 9/9/99. A happy day we looked forward to for years. My birthday is 10/10 and after 59 years it still make me smile to think about it.


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