Poem of the Week – Summer Days

I feel summer’s truly on the way, even if at this present moment in time, the weather’s a bit miserable. I know it won’t stay for long. I know summer is rising every day at the dawn, so I’m counting the hours until I wake up to another sunny day – tomorrow if the weather report has anything to say about it.

How do I know summer is here? Well, despite the weather, the scenes down by our local beach are busy, teeming with tourists and locals enjoying themselves. From BBQ’s to beach swims, there’s been a host of people and it is enjoyable to see, knowing that they’re there because the weather has finally changed for the better.

This week’s poem is sort of all about that. How summer is here, and the scenes that are taking place. But also a note that the weather isn’t always reliable. And that when it does change, we still need to celebrate each day in spite of it. 

Because, let’s be honest, we don’t get that many great summer days here in the UK. August always seems a bit of a washout – well, in my memory it does. July is passable with some hot days here and there, and June can go either way. We’ve already had one glorious day on the first of the month, and a wet weather day on the second. 

But enough about the weather. The summer’s here, and I’ve written a poem all about it.

Summer Days

A tinge of blue creeps across
The sun bathing down in waves
A glimmer now of possibilities
And in the sea figures bathe

Laughter courses through the air
The heady scent of sizzling meat
Wide-brimmed hats held tight
And on the cobbled rocks we take a seat

Clitter clatter of feet taking a meander
Splashes of oars, speeding through
The ocean with quick and sturdy hands
And on boats others take a row

It seems summer has risen up
The warmth in the air undeniable
Fingers-crossed we keep the light
For the weather seems untenable

One day the sun blazes in the sky
Another the clouds cover and rain 
Sweeps down with lightning flashes
For no day can ever be the same

So take the days as they arrive
Live as if the weather won’t change
Enjoy the moment where you can
And celebrate whatever your age. 

Kate @ Kandid Chronicles x


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