Bullet Journal 2021: May Theme

We’re stepping into May! April Showers Bring May Flowers and all that, so this month’s theme is very flowery.

April was quite hectic actually. I did a lot! I’d planned to do Camp NaNoWriMo and finish my first book, I did a daily pic on my Shelf Yarns Bookstagram based off a daily prompt, and I wrote a poem every day on my Kandid Chronicles Instagram.

I have no idea what my May goals are, but I’d like to have planned out the second book, written the first 10 chapters of my second book, and I’ll be doing a book challenge on my Bookstagram too.

But I’d also like to do more of my doodle art, which sort of fell by the wayside in April. So yes, that’s the plan! I’m very good at coming up with ideas but not so great at following through on the actual plans, so April was a game-changer in that respect.

However, this post is all about my Bullet Journal, so here we go without further ado!

Front Theme Page

As I said, this month is a flower-power theme, and for the monthly page I did a flowered and leafed border round the letters of ‘May’, and on the left-side wrote a nice quote to go with it. I loved the colours this month out of everything. The greens and the pinks and purples are very late Spring-like, which falls nicely into May.

“Where flowers bloom so does hope.”

Monthly Spread

I really like how this monthly spread turned out. The blocks are sort of 3D-esque, with the border behind the boxes in the different colours I chose for this month’s theme.

I’ve set myself a Goals box as well as a To Do box as well, ready and waiting for me to populate with my monthly goals and to-do list!

First Week Spread

Ok, so the first week spread is actually two weeks. I’ve done this type of spread in previous bullet journals but I liked the diagonal of flowers in the middle of the page. There’s space for notes too, and I’ve put in a mini calendar at the top of the left-hand page.

That’s it! If you like my bullet journal pages you can check more out weekly on my Instagram.


2 thoughts on “Bullet Journal 2021: May Theme

    1. Hi Megan, I’m so glad you liked the theme!! Isn’t bullet journalling great, right! I’ve followed you back – looking forward to seeing your own bullet journal journey and blogging journey 😀


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