Poem of the Week: A New Evolution

So, this week’s poem is rather long. It sort of ended up that way because I couldn’t stop writing it. I needed to get all my thoughts and feelings out, and it morphed into the poem you’re going to read.

This poem began after I read an article by Erin Brockovich about how toxic chemicals are affecting our fertility rates. You can read the article here. It’s weird, I sort of had an understanding already about what this article tells of – perhaps from reading previous articles, but this particular one just happened to spark something within me.

I’ve been writing poetry now on this blog for over six months, and last month I posted every day on my Instagram too. One day I’d like to create a book about my poetry, but I feel there’s more to be done. More I can do with my writing. Maybe it is just getting across my feelings to start with, but also, maybe it’s to inspire others. That’s the whole hope of this blog really – to hopefully inspire others to take a chance and do what they love. It’s why I write poetry, why I write novels, and even why I bullet journal, even if I am guilty of using notebooks made out of paper from cut-down trees – I can confess there’s always more that I can do for the planet.

Anyway. This poem is all about the state of the world we live in, and maybe, just maybe, there’s a way to change ourselves, to become better than we are. It’s hard, because there are governmental laws prohibiting a lot of the good we need to do, and worldwide there are still more people who laugh at the idea of climate change. Who even think COVID-19 is a hoax and those who decide not to take the vaccinations. There is knowledge out there for all of us to read, but the fact of it is, what truth is there? How can the truth even get through when there are so many different sides reporting out there and even the public denouncing truth as fiction?

I probably could write a whole spiel about how I feel, and maybe that’s what this poetry has to be – a snapshot at my thoughts and feelings.

I hope you like this week’s poem.

A New Evolution

What have we done to this earth?
What good has been created?
For the sake of progress we have
Risen to the height of our destruction

It’s a tough pill to take
And there’s no choice between red or blue
We cannot escape reality here
However much we want to

We sit there wasting the food on our plates
While others halfway round the world
Go hungry, desperate for a bite
Or a trickle of water from the well

They say the population’s growing
But we’re stunted by our plastic planet
Choking up the seas and sweeping
Across lands never walked by our feet

Disease seeps into our skin and outward
Touching souls from every unknown quarter
Anxiety rife, fear has taken hold now
Because we have no way out

This is the next extinction
And the truth will state it began with us
Life finds a way, they say, but
Will it be without ourselves?

I hope for a new adaptation
I hope for evolution here, today
But we’re all chasing our tails, eager
To make ourselves look great

It’s time to rise up for evolution
It’s time to change our DNA
We need not be a virus
Destroying our environment this day

We have all the tools we need
We have all the knowledge at our feet
We need a revolution, a new rising
We see the glimmers from our seats

So stand up from the chair
Take notice of the world outside your door
Know that all of it is dying
Unless we can all do more

Take notice of the ingredients
Stand up with others for a cause
Cut out on what you don’t need
And rise up to change the laws

Together we can control the tide
Together we can change our way
It’s the little things that count too
Don’t be afraid to have your say

Use your talents now I say
Give yourself that first chance
To breathe hope into the day ahead
And change the music to this dance.

Kate @ Kandid Chronicles x


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