Poem of the Week: River Journey

I love to write poetry, and something I love to do is pick three random words (or use this site) and create a poem with the three words within. Sometimes they’re a bit of fun, sometimes they are more poignant and hint at the emotions within.

Wednesday 1 January 2020
Poem of the Day: River Journey

Let me have a moment,
Let me have some time.
Take me somewhere tonight
To a place that’s all mine.

I hate these heady emotions
Hot and frantic inside
This panicked state, I swear
Turns me completely upside.

Down in the depths
Of the fear that I feel
I cannot escape
No matter the wheel

Of time, oh I wonder
Can I chance at a hope
That I’ll be victorious
Or slip down this dark slope?

A new day is dawning,
A new year and how
The days seem so endless
These fresh hopes I avow.

That the river while long
Gets there in the end
Its course can be rough
And its travels do bend

But I will not be broken
I won’t let my heart break
At this uncertain pathway
And my journey ’twill take.

(Note: can you guess the random words used?)

Kate @ Kandid Chronicles x


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