Do you believe in: New Year, New You?

It’s an interesting concept isn’t it, the whole idea of “New Year, New You”. It’s a new decade too, now that we’ve reached the 20s (who knows… perhaps we’ll see a revival of Art Deco…?).

But in all honesty, I’m not overly fond of that saying. How can we change in a day? In an hour, a minute, a second? We all have ideals and goals of what we want our life to be though, and I’m certainly not the only one who sits there a few days before the end of another year, looking back on the past 360ish days and think I didn’t do XYZ this year, I want to do ABC next year. Amongst all the regrets of eating too much food over the festive period.

The cells in our bodies do regenerate though. Over hours, days, months and years, many different types of cells in our body regenerate. But we are in essence still the same as before in the mind and in the spirit, surely? The parts of us that make us… well, us, are still there. In my case, I know I value honesty and creativity. I’m sensitive far too much sometimes, which makes my anxiety worse as I take on other’s pain and problems and worry about how I can help. The media doesn’t particularly help that. But it does mean I can always sense when someone’s not feeling great.

But I’m curious and love to learn about the world around me, as well as loving my home comforts. A good book, a comfy chair, blanket, and a cup of tea are the best medicine for me. So why would I change all of that?

We’ve all got faults we all wish we’d change, but then, aren’t they merely part of our strengths too? I know I’m a procrastinator, fearing the worst outcome on many occasions, but those fears come from my curiosity and creativity, to learn about the world and imagine situations. I wouldn’t be a writer… or more importantly, who I am without that ‘fault’ of my fear and procrastination.

I can certainly be lazy (thanks procrastination), preferring to do the things that are comforting rather than the things that may take me out of my comfort zone. But that’s part of who I am too – to love warmth and coziness and to make my surroundings warm and welcoming after a hard day at work.

There’s so many things we sometimes want to change about ourselves. We want to change our weight, our style, our way of presenting ourselves to the world, to be fitter, to eat better, to do more, see more, experience more… it sounds exhausting doesn’t it?

So, in answer to the ‘New Year, New You’, I say… don’t change you. Everything you are, strengths and your supposed weaknesses make you, you. Yes, there’s always going to be the latest fad diet and gym adverts, but don’t do it because of pressure. Do it because to you it feels right. Go with your instincts. Is the next step the right one for you? To make you just… more of who you are?

My goals for the New Year:

1. Read 50 books
I make this goal because I read 50 last year, and I absolutely love to read, so feel that this is an easy goal! Here’s to 50 new books! I’m already almost finished my first book (Little Women by Louisa May Alcott) of the year.

2. Write and finish that final draft of my first novel.
I make this goal because I love to write, but because of bad time management on my part, and much anxiety and fear-induced procrastination, I haven’t managed to finish it yet. So I have set aside at least one evening a week to do so, and by July I will have this completed.

3. Trust my intuition
This doesn’t exactly have a goal behind it, but I know I don’t trust my instincts like I should all the time. I give too much benefit of the doubt, I listen to people I maybe shouldn’t, and this year (and going forward in general) I will listen and do what feels right.

4. Book a long weekend outside of the UK
I make this goal because I don’t travel a lot. In fact, I haven’t been outside the UK in about 13 years, since I was 19. I travelled quite a bit as a kid, but there are so many places I want to see and I’m fed up of waiting for more money and being afraid of travelling on my own.

5. Eat less sugar (giving it up completely for January).
I make this goal because I have a sweet tooth. I’m lucky that I don’t have to worry about my weight too much, but processed sugars make my anxiety and skin worse, and now I’m well into my 30s I think it’s high time to eat more healthily. I’m creative and curious and love cooking and baking, so experimenting with new ingredients, recipes, and ideas really excites me.

6. Be more environmentally friendly
Yes, this is number sixth in the list, but while it’s my last, it’s by no means the least. I’ve already bought a new wooden hairbrush because my old brush was falling apart, and I plan to research the best biodegradable teabag to use for tea (Teapigs is certainly on my list to research, and I already love their licorice and peppermint tea!). I’m already dairy-free and use vegan perfume, but I’m aiming to eat meat and fish only at the weekends, and I only eat beef and pork at my parents. There’s more to do to help, and I hope to take more steps over the next year and decade.

I’ve even got a few goals for the decade… but let’s leave it at that for now!

Have you got goals for the new year?

Kate @ Kandid Chronicles x


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