Bullet Journal: July 2021

Oh my god I love this month’s bullet journal theme. I went with a summery theme of waves and mermaids, and while I did this theme the same time last year, I loved it so much I wanted to do it again, especially as I didn’t really use my bullet journal that much last year – thanks to the lack of being able to do much as a result of various lockdowns..

I live by the beach, so I feel it’s something I need to celebrate. I might not be a fan of water – I actually only learnt to swim when I was about 12 – but there’s something so peaceful about the waves, and perhaps a little magical. And so I wanted to add the magic in with the mermaids.

I love myths and magic, so it’s nice to bring that in once in awhile to my bullet journal themes. Perhaps I’ll try more mythical themes next year, but all my themes are planned out until the end of the year now. 

But without further ado, let’s delve deeper into this month’s theme.

Main Theme Page

“In Need of Vitamin Sea”

I really wanted to get across the theme design from the beginning, so across both pages of the double-page spread I had the waves whirling and spinning, coloured in different blues, which is the colour scheme of this month. Just under the title of ‘July’ on the right-hand page I drew a circle and had waves spinning around inside with the tail of a mermaid whipping up, its scales in turquoise and blue, tinged with silver. Because we need a bit of silver magic amongst the blue.

And then the quote for the month is “In Need of Vitamin Sea”, because what else can you hope for in July?

Monthly Theme Page

“Live in the sunshine, swim in the sea”

Sticking with the design of the waves along the bottom of the double-page spread, the monthly page is set-up with a block of all the days of the month with a black drop-shadow that I think works well. I had two mermaid tails at the top, done with the same silvery scales, and the quote ‘Live in the sunshine, swim in the sea.”

I also added a couple of extra boxes for ‘Goals’ and ‘To Do’, just as generic sections to fill in my monthly goals and general to-do’s. I’m on holiday for the first week of July, so my to-do is to chill and relax, even if I have interviews on the first and second Friday of the month.

First Weekly Page Spread

The weekly page actually begins in June, or rather just at the end of the month, as we move into July halfway through on the Thursday. Again, I’ve stuck with the waves moving across the bottom page again, with a mermaid tail rising up from the sea on the left page in the space underneath a little monthly box, highlighting what week I’ve done the spread for.

I decided to go with four boxes on each page, with the final box on the right page being for notes. I’ve also set-up a long thin box on the right page for weekly events. Now I’ll be honest, there’s a few events I’ve got this week, but not too many. We are still in pandemic times after all.

And that’s it! That’s my theme page, monthly spread, and first weekly spreads for this month. Check out my Instagram account @kandidchronicles for my weekly spread. I’m hoping by next year I’ll be showing off my bullet journal as I design the pages on YouTube, but for now I’m sticking to just sharing on my Instagram and blog. If you want to recreate my designs, feel free to use the #kandidchroniclesbujo on social media if you share it! 

Have a great July everyone! 

Kate @ Kandid Chronicles x


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