Poem of the Week: The Book

Isn’t there something about reading a book? It’s one of my favourite pastimes. Something that delights and inspires me, sends me off to sleep and dream wild dreams and sometimes unnerving nightmares. It is something I don’t remember learning how to do, something that has been with me for so long I wonder if I was born to do it, to delve into the pages of a book without thought or consequence. 

I wondered what I would write about for my weekly, and what came to me was a poem about a book. About the book. About the essence of it, the wonders of it, the magic about reading a piece of bound pages made from trees filled with words that are scratches on paper but read they form a story that is astounding. I’m constantly amazed by books, the stories they contain. Maybe that’s one of the reasons I love to read so much.

Anyhow, here’s this week’s poem. I hope you like it, and I’m sorry it’s a day late… life got a bit in the way!

The Book

I unfurl like a leaf, dripping words 
Seeping dreams into a mind
Waiting for a new world
I bend but don’t break
Unless the hand tears in anger
I give illusions while you’re awake
Magic and wonder abide in me
Take a look and then you’ll see
More mysteries deeper than the sea
I cannot run, but you’ll run instead
Your mind a distant dream
All curled up in your safe bed

There are more worlds here
Than there are in your imagination
Take a breath and they’ll appear
I am worthy of your attention
I’ll spark a laugh and then a tear
And then start an insurrection
The tales I’ll tell, oh yes, descend
Into the wood now, deeper still
Into a dream or nightmare you I’ll send
You’ll blink and miss a vital clue
So take care, explorer, as you travel
Come take a look with me soon

I wait eager for you to turn
Stories bound together waiting
For eyes to scan across and learn
People have written across the years
Letting themselves fly in the hope
That it’ll alight with laughter and tears
So find me amongst the shelves
Find me eager just for you
You’ll discover just as you delve
Into the past and into the future
Learning along the way
And when finished you’ll want more.

Kate @ Kandid Chronicles x


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