Poem of the Week: Sleep Falls

I found it hard to write this poem, and it’s my poem of the week as I share my poetry each Wednesday on this blog.

Today’s word prompt was ‘sleep’, and ironically I felt quite tired when I wrote this! I blame it on the weather as it was fairly wet and miserable most of the day. I truly feel like the weather affects how I feel. On sunny days I feel more alive and alert, whilst on wet and windy days I just want to curl up under the bed covers.

Actually, most days I like to curl up under the bed covers – more so when it’s cold outside! I’m a real homebody and a comfort seeker, and I find there’s nothing better than curling up with a book and a cup of tea under a blanket or in bed in the evening.

So today’s poem is all about sleep and dreaming, thanks to the prompt.

I posted this on Thursday as I missed the Wednesday poem, but that’s ok. It’s still my poem of the week!

Poem of the Day – Sleep Falls

Isn’t it lovely 
To fall down asleep
Drift into dreams
And lie without a peep

I slip under the covers
And snuggle down deep
Fluffing up pillows
And counting the sheep

I’m awake and then not
It falls quickly now
The darkness encumbered
Soft muscles at the brow

My dreams come so quick
They sail like white ships
Across a midnight starry sky
Swift as a bird in the sandman’s grip

I dream of caves and caverns deep
I dream of waters rising high
I see a thousand new stories there
Drifting by in the glowing night

The moon rises and falls 
As my eyes drift close
And I whisk myself off to lands
Unknown until morning’s arose.


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