Poem of the Week: Dream

I am a day late on publishing my poem for this week, as I usually post every Wednesday. But maybe I did that on purpose – unintentionally, subconsciously on purpose, for today is the 1st of April and the start of Poetry Month.

I’m doing Camp NaNoWriMo and intending to edit my current book. But I’d also like to write a poem each day based on prompts that I created. The prompts are below:

I’ll be posting my poems on my Instagram, so check me out there for daily poems. I’ll only be posting poetry daily on there, whereas here on my blog I’ll continue with writing and posting my poetry weekly.

So, without further ado, here is this week’s poem:


This night is heavy
And I slip easily now
The world is dark
I let myself fall slow

There are colours behind my eyes
Pictures of faraway 
I can see new worlds
The curtain’s rising on this play

Can you see the imagination
Can you see a day in night
It sweeps you along 
The treasures are the light

People you’ve never seen
Walk within the dreams
A chance to begin anew
In this soundless gleam

Places you’ve wished to see
Stand tall and endless here
Sound is muffled, senses torn
A single moment becomes a year

All take a bow in this dreamland
We see whispers of the unknown
The night is a friend of wonder
And we settle ourselves down

It is a brief moment this act
But so important that’s a fact
Whether clear or abstract
This dreaming is life untapped.

Thanks for reading this week’s poem!

Kate @ Kandid Chronicles x


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