Bullet Journal 2021: April Theme

It’s almost April! We’re a quarter through this year already and I wonder what the next quarter will bring. Hopefully things open up and we can see friends in the flesh again.

For this month I chose an April Rains theme. After all… April showers bring May flowers…!

I have incorporated umbrellas and wellie boots into the theme, using the colours of blues and green, with yellow for the wellie boots. I actually did this theme in February last year but I feel it works well for April..

I’ve gone with a colourful spread using blues, greens, and a bright yellow for the wellie boots. I feel they’re rain colours for Spring, but the addition of bright green and yellow adds more colour. I really like the quote on the page too.

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass. It’s about learning to dance in the rain.”

We haven’t had any rain yet, but then we’re still at the tail-end of March. I hear it’s supposed to be quite warm here in England this week, so perhaps the rains are due in the coming weeks.

I really like the simple and straightforward show of this month’s spread. It’s clean, it’s fresh, just like April showers. I’ve added in the umbrellas along the far-right side too, with a box at the top for monthly goals. 

One thing I didn’t include, which perhaps I should mention, is doing Camp NaNoWriMo. My goal for this month is to finish my first novel once and for all, as I have been writing and editing it for a while. So that’s going in the month goals box!

And finally, the weekly spread. Because there are 4 days of April’s first week, I decided to do two weeks-worth on one page. I used the umbrella doodles showcasing the numbers of the week, with the handles being part of the written Monday through Sunday. There’s another lovely quote too that I’ve included.

“Without rain nothing grows. Learn to embrace the storms in your life.”

And of course I’ve made sure each page has the bright yellow wellie boots!

Those are my spreads so far! I post the weekly spreads usually on a Sunday/Monday on my instagram if you want to follow me.

Happy April showers! Here’s hoping you have a good month, Easter included, and things open up for you.

Kate @ Kandid Chronicles


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