Bullet Journal 2021: March Theme

It’s almost spring! I’ve definitely been feeling the vibes, thanks to the warmth of the sun the last few days. All the flowers have been starting to appear over the last few weeks, and I’ve noticed the appearances of buds on our trees in the garden. It truly feels like everything’s just burgeoning. Waking up anew to a brand new day.

So I decided this month’s bullet journal theme would be plant inspired, and I wanted to share my bullet journal spreads for the main cover, month, and first week.

I’ve gone for bright colours like pink and orange to mix up with the green, just because I feel it’s spring-like. It might still be a bit chilly at night for a while, but colour is finally beginning to grace us with its presence!

Again, sticking with the colourful cacti plants, in their equally colourful plant pots. I’ve also included a box for goals and notes for the month. There’s a couple of friends’ birthdays coming up!

And finally, the weekly spread. I’ve gone with a really simple spread for the first week, with four days on one page, and three on the other, with a column for notes (just in case you were wondering what 8th day it was! I had someone ask me that question!).

Those are my spreads so far! I post the weekly spreads well… weekly on my instagram if you want to follow me on there. But each month I’ll post on my blog the first three themed spreads as well.

Happy spring everyone!

Kate @ Kandid Chronicles


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