Poem of the Week: Future Whispers

I’m feeling a bit all over the place today as I have an interview for a training to teach course, and I’m feeling all the feels about it. I’m mostly excited at the chance to interview for it, the chance I might get in, but I’m understandably nervous in case I mess up – which I’m sure I won’t.

I’ve had a lot of interview experience. Maybe all those interviews have led up to this moment, to prepare me, to make me more tolerant of all the things that are needed prior to the interview (there was a whole list of stuff they needed for me to scan across!). I’ve worked a lot of jobs thanks to lots going on in my life. It’s honeestly been a rollercoaster of a career so far. I’ve done lots of contract work, been made redundant twice, and my first ever full-time job ended abruptly because the company went bankrupt. I lost a fair bit of my salary from that one, because they weren’t able to pay properly.

But that’s all in the past and I keep going. I keep trying to find my place in the world, which is all you can do. We just have to keep walking the path of life, wherever it may take us.

This week’s poem is sorta a mix of all my feelings and these thoughts on the upcoming interview. I hope you like it, and thank you so much for reading!

Future Whispers

I’m scared, delighted
Excited, sporadic
I can’t quite believe this day

My future is resting
In the hands of others
While I struggle to pass it away

I smuggle away sweets
And drink endless tea
As I wonder if all t’will go awry

But I’ve practiced so hard
I know all the words
I want my future this way

Shall I wish on a star
Shall I toss over a coin
Down a well that stands in disrepair

It’s all still uncertain
This moment a curtain
A whisper so soft in the air

Isn’t that what life is
Countless drifts of moments
Taking us each day to the end

Some are unspoken
While others awaken
A path, a road without bend

So I sit here and wait
While my future’s decided
And walk this unbroken road.


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