January 2021: Word of the Month – ‘Begin’

It’s a brand new year and a brand new month, and many of us have been working on our New Year’s Resolutions, starting anew on good habits. 

My main resolution this year is to do more exercise. I took up exercising to Joe Wicks’ P.E. With Joe last year, and so I’m re-watching the videos each day during the week. I’ve also set goals to do running on a Saturday, and Yoga on a Sunday.

With the beginning of the new year all about refreshing goals and doing new things, this month the word I’m going to live is the word “Begin”. For me, this word represents a lot of things this year. One, it’s a new year and therefore the perfect time to begin new goals, new resolutions, to try out new things. But also I’m determined to renew my career along a different path, start a new job, refresh a lot of old habits, and generally just celebrate the fact that I’m here on this planet.

I had a tough old time of it with my anxiety levels towards the end of last year, and right now I’m just grateful to be here, living my life, and I want to begin in a whole new way. Starting better habits now that I’m feeling better, and looking to the future with new eyes. 

But I think of the word ‘Begin’ also in the semblance of waking up each day. Sometimes we get so caught up in the refresh of a new year, or a new month, or even a new week, that we forget that each day is new. Each day is the opportunity to begin again, especially if the previous day held bad habits or lack thereof of good habits. We can begin again each day, accepting the situations of the past, but striving for better at the dawn of today. 

What I mean is, even if you’ve slipped on some of your goals or resolutions, you don’t have to say ‘Oh well, that’s it then, I’ve slipped up on my goal so there’s no point in sticking to it anymore’. I personally think that we have to accept that to be human is to sometimes make mistakes, or slip up on occasion. That doesn’t mean we give up. It just means that the following day you can resolve to begin again.

Take quitting sugar – which coincidentally I did quit a few years ago. When I was quitting sugar for the 8 week course, there were days that I slipped up on (hello Birthday cake or the occasional office treat). I’m not sugar free these days, though I am more conscious of my sugar intake. I am, however, gluten free. A few days ago I slipped and had a falafel wrap, the wrap itself not gluten free. Now, I was fine after that slip up but I know in myself that to continue that way is not good for my health. So I endeavour to continue sticking to the gluten free diet and accepting that there will be the occasion I slip. And that’s ok.

It’s the same with my exercise regime I have set myself. I know that there’s chances in the future where I’ll slip, that I will let a day or perhaps two fall by the wayside and I will have to begin again. But that’s ok. I’m human, and each day is a chance to get right back to my goals. When we fall, it’s simply the opportunity to get back up again.

I also like the meaning behind the word ‘Begin’, in the essence of beginning something new. I’ve set myself the goal now of starting something new each month. This month it’s taking up running once a week, despite the chill in the winter air.

How will you live the word of the month – ‘Begin’? Or do you have another word you’re focusing on this month? I’d love for others to share!


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