Poem of the Week: Burgeoning

It’s a new year and a new start, and I wanted to write a little about that whole urge to pick and choose new year resolutions. I tend to pick a few each year, starting them eagerly for a few weeks before they start to fall by the wayside. This month I’m going Pescatarian alongside my family, but I’ve also started an exercise regime – more on that later in the week.
But this poem is a little different in the fact that every day should be a new beginning. A new start. To put the times of yesterday in the past and realise that even if we slipped on our new, better habits the day before, each morning is a chance to refresh ourselves. It’s about keeping going despite the slip-ups.

So, here’s my poem this week.


And so a new year
Has begun once again
It tells of a chance
To start afresh and begin

So many new ideas
A glut of resolutions
We get healthier, better
It’s a right revolution

I’ve tried the goals
I’ve tried the refresher
Each year a new beginning
Caught up in the pressure

Some days I find are lost
Into some semblance of rhythm
While other days I stay, blissed,
In bed dressed in gingham

So I say each and every day
Wake up and begin again
I’ll live each moment
Walking down this lane

Tomorrow is the future
Yesterday is past
Each day is a new beginning
In making these habits last.

I stand resolved
That each change I make
Will start a new life
Burgeoning with possibilities.


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