Why I Love: Bullet Journalling

Have you tried bullet journaling? I’ve been doing it for a few years now, and it’s incredibly relaxing. I’ve always been a doodler. My parents would leave my sister and I with a bunch of colouring pencils and some paper, and we’d be set for hours. I spent much of my teenage years doodling animals onto my notebooks in school lessons, as well as on my own skin (don’t think that was particularly good for the skin, doodling with gel pens on my arms and back of my hands, but maybe it was my attempt at a tattoo).

In any case, bullet journaling was right up my street when I found out about it. I love notebooks and buy far too many, so what do you do with all those journals sitting empty on the shelves? Turn them into a mix of arty-organisation!

So if you want to try it out for 2021, why not start now? We’re halfway through the month of December and January is coming up quick. I’ve gone with a travel theme for my main yearly pages, and for January. Here’s some pictures to inspire you.

Travel Theme for 2021: Front Page
Travel theme for January: Front Page
Travel Theme for January: Monthly Spread
Travel Theme for January: Weekly Spread for week 1 and 2

I tend to choose a theme for the year, a different theme each month, and different weekly layouts each week in line with the monthly theme, but generally skip the habit and mood trackers that others tend to include in their own bullet journaling.

For me, I find anything arty really relaxing. Especially suffering as I do from anxiety. So an hour or so a week I set aside time to design and create new pages. I put on music or a podcast (or you could listen to an audiobook!), and enjoy a bit of relaxing art time. I like coming up with my own ideas for the theme and also quotes and poetry to include, but otherwise you can check out ideas for yourself on Pinterest.

Do you bullet journal? I share my bullet journal on my Instagram regularly. So check it out for my weekly posts and my monthly themes! What theme are you trying out for January?


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