Book Review: The Little Book of Hygge

I’ve really wanted to review the book “The Little Book of Hygge: The Danish Way of Living Well” by Meik Wiking for a while now. Mainly because I feel like Hygge is the ultimate way I’d want to live all the time, but also because while there are lots of books on the subject, I felt like this one was my favourite.

First off… What is Hygge you ask? If you’re still not sure I’ll tell you. Hygge is about finding comfort in the everyday, it’s about the little things that make up each day of our lives and realising that the small and seemingly simple things are actually the things that make us happy. Like a cup of tea on a rainy day or a picnic in the garden, Hygge is everywhere if you live in the present moment.

Here’s a brief synopsis of the book

Denmark has an international reputation for being one of the happiest nations in the world, and hygge is widely recognised to be the magic ingredient to this happiness.

Hygge has been described as everything from “cosines of the soul” to “the pursuit of everyday pleasures”. The Little Book of Hygge is the book we all need right now, guaranteed to bring warmth and comfort into your life.

This particular book all about Hygge was published back in 2016, and it became quite a popular thing, giving rise to other ways of living books like Lagom etc. THere’s lots of books out there on ways of living for your best self, but I feel like Hygge hit all the right buttons for me, not least because I have this deep yearning to visit Copenhagen and The Happiness Institute at some point in the future!

Having read the book and a few others around the subject, I truly believe Hygge is a feeling rather than a thought or something to be looked at in a specific way. While I’ve tried to explain it, it’s not something that can quite be described in the English language however much we want to. As mentioned above, it’s cosiness and the simple art of everyday moments, the present bliss of the simple things like a warm cup of tea in your hands, or resting for a minute or two by the back door to admire the storm raging outside while you feel warm and safe. It’s the comfort of gathering at mealtimes with friends or family. It’s a candle or two lit in the window on a dark winter’s night. Its reading a book all cosy and warm in bed or on a comfy chair. It’s in the everyday activities we do like setting out your clothes for the day or making the bed in the morning. Yes, it can be described in so many ways, and quite possibly encompasses a lot of meanings and more.

But back to the book.

I love its structure, but I also love the diagrams and recipes and activities available to do too, throughout the different chapters. From Christmas Hygge to Summer Hygge, you’ll find all sorts of things to try out and consider as a hyggelig event. Also, interesting to note based on the research in the book, at least 30% of Danes burn more than 5 candles to feel the hygge effect, and most candles they burn don’t have scents. I love an oil burner myself, so that’s possibly a nice compromise which can include scented essential oils.

The first chapter is all about light, and discusses this in depth across subjects such as candles, as already mentioned, but also the type of light and lampshade best for Hygge, the golden hour that’s best for photography too – something I’ve been getting into personally more and more these days.

The other chapters go on to describe how to Hygge in different seasons, the 5 dimensions of Hygge, and how Hygge is linked to happiness.

I won’t go too much into the details of the book as I really think it’s a must read for all and we don’t want any spoilers. But I also liked how in the book are recipes and activities you can do yourself to get into the Hygge way of being.

“Hygge is very much about taking your time.”

You can purchase the book either through Amazon, or your local bookshop, or World of Books (which is for secondhand books) is selling them too.

Overall, I give this book 5 stars out of 5.

Have you read any books on Hygge?

Keeping it Kandid,
Kate x


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