Wednesdays’s Words: Poem of the Day

It’s Wednesday again! We’re halfway through the week ’til the weekend, and Wednesdays are where I post my ‘Poem of the Day’. I tend to write poetry everyday, but decided to post a Poem just the once. If you want more poetry though, shout and I can see about posting more often than once a week.

Here’s this week’s poem, which I wrote on Monday:


I’m on the road to recovery
It’s all upwards from here
Let’s take it one step at a time
For wellness is near

There may be a few bumps 
Along the way
And on this island I live on
Is where I’m to stay

I’ll journey to places
Across the Atlantic
From Norway to New York
There’s more than a few places

This road that I’m on now
I’ll travel it long and well
With others along the way
Who I love and love well

I’ve a lifetime of journeys
To places far and wide
This place I call home
I’ll live well and thrive

It won’t last forever
This fearful feeling inside
This anxious time will end
And the virus will subside

I’ll see the Spring shortly
I’ll come out all anew
And travel to places
More than a few

So I’ll sit and I’ll write
And brave the weather outside
Painting and drawing
And being alright

Taking one step at a time
I will be kind to myself
I know each day will get better
With hygge books from the shelf

With music and dancing
With arts and song
I’ll find this time of year
Won’t last so long.

Thanks for reading! And as always, keeping it kandid.

Kate x


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