Poem of the Week: Castles in the Air

This poem was inspired by a song, but also a little on how I’ve been feeling lately. The song is a new one I’ve discovered, called Paper Planes by Elina. I recommend you check it out. It’s a beautiful, lyrical piece of music, inspiring and melodic. 

But how have I been feeling? Maybe I’m just a little overwhelmed by all the ideas I have, all the dreams I want to come true, all the things I promise myself I’ll do each day. There’s a lot, and sometimes I wonder if it’s too much, but then, I wouldn’t get anywhere would I? I want to write poetry, write stories, draw illustrations, and learn how to do all the things I want to do. Because life is a continuous learning experience, and I can’t think of anything better I’d rather do but learn and discover, expand my horizons as it were. 

It’s a Tuesday evening right now as I’m writing this. I know I’m posting this on a Wednesday, but I write my poetry on a Tuesday evening ready for posting the next day. It’s a glorious evening, and it’s very likely I’ll be going out for a walk down to the beach shortly. But while the sun is shining, the wisps of white clouds are slowly shifting across the sky, and the gleam of light slowly but surely begins to glow a golden colour, I’m reminded that it is the end of Summer. Autumn is on the way. September is nearly here. This is my last poem of the week for August 2021.

Oh how time flies. It’s both reassuring and terrifying. Reassuring, because nothing lasts forever – the boring times, the bad times, the sad times. They will be here and gone in an instant. Terrifying because all those good times, exciting times, joyous times, will also be swept away by the river of time. And suddenly you wake up one day and look back over moments in your life, and wonder where the time has gone. How years have passed since that particular special day, and you wonder if you remember it clearly enough, whether it will be something you recall in your later years, when memory becomes fuzzy and muddled.

Maybe I’m being a bit gloomy. I tell you, it’s only my thoughts in this moment. I’ll forget these thoughts in an hour, in a day, in a month. Time passes us by and whisks thoughts along with it.

So, this week’s poem is a little about time, a little about dreams, and a little about how we should relish each day, each moment, before it disappears altogether. The name is inspired by the song this poem was inspired by.

Castles in the Air

It’s a truth that life flies by so fast
I watch it wisp against my window
I sit and wonder if I’m up to the task
On those days I’m brought low

But I keep going whatever the cost
Take a step one after the other
I close my eyes and hope I’m not lost
Eagerly awaiting each day after another

The music plays heady in my ears
Light and wild, twisting in the dance
I swear my cheeks are empty of tears
And I give myself a second chance

So many ideas, so many dreams
I take a breath and start anew
On the days life is breaking at the seams
I stare upwards at the sky, that true blue

Castles in the air now, rising upwards
There’s a wonder at what the future holds
I stand and whisper out a thousand words
And watch as each perfect day unfolds

Each dream a piece of paper flying high
I grasp each one tight in a hand
But some slip and disappear in the sky
Off to some other unknown land

Muse, I ask of you, give me a glimpse
Of a life where all dreams come true
There are days I watch vanish with a blink
And the sun rises again brand new

This candle flame I watch slip me by
Burning down the essence of my life
Just a moment more, some time, I cry
On this ribbon of fate lies the heavy knife

I will not be held back, I will strive for more
Listening to the whispers deep inside
I will speak the tales that I have in store
And stare at the horizon, a stretch so wide

Take a look at your life this day
Wonder on the winding road ahead
And in those final moments you’ll say
Oh what a life I led.

Kate @ Kandid Chronicles x

Listening to Paper Planes by Elina


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