Poem of the Week: Oh Flame, Oh Fire

Well, I’m not entirely sure where today’s weekly poem came from, but I blame the theme on the fact that I’ve been lighting candles in the room while I’ve been working the last few days… so maybe that’s it.

The weather earlier this week was torrential downpours, and it gave me a longing for autumn. For thick jumpers and scarves and cosy knits. For hot chocolate and searing tea in heavy mugs. For candles burning in the dark.

So maybe that’s where this poem came from. The thinking of the winter coming, or certainly the autumn. I do love autumn for many reasons, and one of them is the fact I can burn more candles.

I’m a little afraid of the dark, I must admit. There’s something about a candle burning on a dark autumnal evening that gives me comfort, and more so if it smells nice. I usually buy my candles from Yankee Candle, but I’ve been eyeing up some candles on Etsy… I must desist in that endeavor. I have far too many candles as it is.

In any case, that’s the meaning behind where this poem came from. The candle in the dark. The light against the night. We all need that guidance back to our homes, our hearths, and I hope you are warm and cozy in your homes wherever you are.

Here’s this week’s poem

Oh Flame, Oh Fire

Oh gorgeous flame, I spy thee
Shining bright for all to see
Your colours echo in the light
A call to arms against the night

Oh flickering fire, I whisper so
What secrets do I dare to know
I take a match and strike it hard
But be careful or that fire hath scarred

The dark is whispering, falling now
The day will take its final bow
So flame so bright, so pale, so true
Shine a light that’s all brand new

The golden glow, the hissing touch
I’ll close my eyes and dream of much
Of light ablaze, of a simple flame
Of all the things I can but name

Hello dear friend, I ask to stay
Do not begin upon your way
Keep close the hearth around me here
I wish you would not disappear

I face the dark with fears akin
To shivers deep within my skin
So light my way, oh flame, oh fire
And guide me home ‘til I retire.

Kate @ Kandid Chronicles x


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