Poem of the Week: Dancing

Not sure where this poem came from, but I’m going to take a wild guess and say it’s written in part due to a little drawing I did thanks to ‘The Pigeon Letters’ Creative Summer Retreat.

The Creative Retreat is a ten-day online event, free for all, showcasing arty and creative lessons from using procreate to watercolours. I did a little lesson last night on drawing characters, and the little character was a pig ballerina. So maybe that’s the muse for this piece.

I really liked how it turned out, actually. It’s sort of, in part, a lesson in life. How we all dance in the game of life, how we’re all different but yet dancing to the same melody. Life is a journey of upheaval at times, of change and uncertainty, but it’s still a great game (ha, I feel like I’m quoting ‘Hook’ right now).

So yes, that’s a little about this week’s poem. I hope you like it.

Check out ‘The Pigeon Letters’

Join ‘The Pigeon Letters’ Creative Summer Retreat


She dances to a different tune
Feather light in the air
Reaching out for her star
That whispers, a gem so rare

The floor flows like a river
Beneath feet leaping high
It takes a strong heart to rise
Stretching out a hand to the sky

Swirls and twists, hands touching
Electric sparks tingling on skin
A twirl, a twist, a pirouette
The stage is waiting for you to begin

She rises and falls like the moon
A pale face alighting on screen
Her chance to take a step starts now
As she walks the road to be seen

Let’s dance with each other this one last time
Let’s rise together with a song
Laughter and smiles fill the open air
As we each find a way to belong

We all dance to a different tune now
Yet the melody beneath stays the same
Our strong hearts will smile and grow
And we’ll all laugh and live this game.

Kate @ Kandid Chronicles x


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