Bullet Journal: August Theme 2021

It’s the first day of August, and interestingly enough it’s Planner Day. So what better day to present to you my August bullet journal spreads?

I went with a space theme for this month, and I really liked how it turned out. There’s so many themes that I thought of doing, but honestly I think I love this one. I feel it’ll link in nicely with the upcoming meteor shower of the Perseids, which peaks on the 12 August. My dad’s birthday is in mid-August, and as a kid we used to travel quite a bit to the south of France, and it usually coincided with both my dad’s birthday and the Perseids, which we used to watch late into the night.

So I feel this month’s theme has a personal note to it. But let’s get into sharing the pics of it!

Main Theme Page

As I mentioned, this theme is a space theme, but more specifically, planets-themed. It’s almost like a planet mobile, with different styled planets dropping from strings from the top of the page, hanging down just above the title page.

On the left-hand-side I included a quote, one I really love:

“We are nothing but space dust trying to find our way back to the stars.”

Isn’t that beautiful? The thing is, we are all made of stardust. We are a part of the universe, and one day we’ll return back to the elements we were born from.

The colours I chose are bright and colourful, and I think it works well with the summer months, of which we’re in at the moment. I used pinks and purples, a bright green, and sort of smoky blue, with bright yellow. It almost gives it that colourful, childlike quality, linking in to the idea of a space mobile – at least, I think so.

And I surrounded the planets on the page – and the quote – with black and silver stars, which I think also work well with the colours.

Monthly Spread

This is a very simple spread I think, but works wonders with the planets theme. I’ve got a bunch of different styled and coloured planets hanging again from the top of the double-page, surrounded by stars, and I really loved the cursive font I used, which are coloured with all the colours chosen.

The days of the month are 5×5 boxes, which I think are large enough to write any monthly updates. Only the top boxes have the day above them, as you can see.

I added two sections on the left-hand-side for goals and notes. I like to have a section on every monthly spread for goals for the month…

And ahh those bright colours work so well here.

Weekly Spread

I actually used just one page for the weekly spread here. Probably trying to conserve space I think, and I just felt like I wanted to do two weeks on a double-page-spread. So that’s what I did.

The boxes and 8×8, but the top line is saved for the day to be written on, and a bit like the monthly spread, the boxes are spaced out. 

And as usual, the planets are dangling around the page, hanging this time from the day boxes, with those pretty little black and silver stars all around.

So that’s it! That’s my theme for August, and I’ll be sharing my weekly spreads on my Instagram @kandidchronicles, usually on a Sunday. 

If you want, you can see my July theme spreads in a little video on there too!

If you were wonderinig on the accessories I used, pens, notebook etc., here are the details below:

Archer and Olive Falling Skies A5 dotted notebook (bought at Miso Paper)

Tombow Dual Brush Pens – Pastel Colours

Kate @ Kandid Chronicles x


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