Poem of the Week: The Breaking Storm

I suppose this week’s poem has a number of meanings. There is talk of a storm outside and inside, outside because the weather here in the UK has finally broken. It was hot and muggy last week, but now we are witnessing flash floods and lightning storms, and I almost feel that it is reflecting partly how I’m feeling inside.

The biggest meaning of this week’s poem is that I’m moving jobs. My current job finishes on Friday, and my new job – my new, permanent job – starts on Monday. I haven’t had a permanent job for at least 4-5 years, and I need something a bit more settled. I’ve been wandering a bit from contract to contract, not sure where I’m going. Some people can deal with that, and I liked it for a while, but I need that life to end. I know I need some semblance of security, and I’d like to buy my own place in a few years. I’m a homebody at heart, even if I dream of exploring new places on occasion.

So maybe that’s where this poem’s coming from. The waiting game as to when I start my new job, the sense of nervous activity deep inside, and the storm it brings. It’s raining now, and I like watching it pour down outside my window. It’s almost a muse for my words.

But anyway. You came here to read a poem. So here it is for this week.

The Breaking Storm

These days are strange it seems
Filled with an endless waiting game
Until a light sparks from the sky
Until life will never be the same

I watch the thunder roll over me
Close my eyes against the lightning strike
It flashes like a wonder of flame
This feeling inside of me so tight

I bite my lip against a thousand words
Feel speech has fallen away from me
All I can do is sit and watch the clouds
Swaying over the storm-filled seas

Can I open my eyes against the light
Can I speak a word that spills out unbidden
It’s like I’m waiting for a life to start
All my days ahead of me currently unwritten

Anxious energy riles up inside my bones
Trembling across the veins under skin
The storm is breaking over my head
That day I’m wishing for about to begin

Rain tumbling down from slate grey skies
Sweeping the world in a glaze of water
Washing away the days spread out before
Anew this journey is that I’ve sought after

I am rattled, I am a gleaming flame
Wishing on my stars to be born now
Something shakes me from my cocoon
Reaching for the dream this time I vow

The waiting game is almost over
The storm has swept the earth below
I stand ready to risk it all on life
I’m ready to watch this journey grow.

Written while listening to ‘Lioness’ by Daughtry

Kate @ Kandid Chronicles x


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