Poem of the Week: Summer’s Sun

It’s almost mid-summer and I’m both happy and sad about it. Happy because it means summer’s at its height, gleaming down on us from on high, taking our cares away with its heat, and setting the scenes for happy holidays. 

I’m sad though because the days will be getting shorter soon. The nights will be drawing in, and we will make our way back to winter slowly but surely. I don’t want to put a damper on summer, but I suppose that’s all the more reason to celebrate these sunnier times.

That doesn’t mean I don’t like winter. In fact, there are things about the cooler seasons that I truly love. The thick scarves, the woollen jumpers, the hot chocolates drunk on a cold night under a blanket, in front of the TV. I’m looking forward to sharing my favourite books with you, recipes that keep me busy, and the changing of the seasons.

But for now, let’s celebrate the sun and midsummer. Time passes so quickly, I want to relish the time that this warmth is with us, even the days that are a little clouded over. We’ve still got several weeks of summer, and I haven’t even been on holiday yet (it’s a staycation near Tintagel, so we’re not travelling outside the country, but still. It’s somewhere different). 

Here’s my poem celebrating midsummer. I hope you like it.

Summer’s Sun

I lay out across sunlit grass
Staring up at the blue sky
Smelling the roses, blooming in
Colours, and I listen to the wind cry

The breeze whispers across leaves
Dappled in the bountiful light
I listen to the sound of a distant mower
Clipping the verdant grass so tight

Warmth infuses into my bones
I have wished for this day all year-long
Freckles alight on my skin 
And I hear the wildlife all in song

A summer’s day blooms wildly 
Greens tipped with a rainbow hue
The light is almost equal now
Between day and night, what a view

Bright, gleaming sun, wash over us
With heat to seep into our skins
Turning us darker, lifting our spirits
Watching as every face alights with a grin

I close my eyes, not against the light
But swallowing it up into my body
I’m bathed in sun, gleaming and glorious
Swimming in the golden seas

Laughter peels in the air around
The sound of a summer sun
Heady burning scents spiral upwards
And I wish for barbecued food by the tonne

Eyes open to the blue sky, I watch
The light fade into the horizon
It skims the edge with a blaze of colour
And settles down for evening fun

Hello summer sun, I celebrate 
Your arrival and your reign in the sky
For one day soon you’ll be gone
Whisked away with an autumn sigh.

Kate @ Kandid Chronicles x


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