Poem of the Week: Stand Sure

As you may know from some of my previous posts, this week is ‘Mental Health Awareness Week’, as well as May being ‘Mental Health Awareness Month’. I quite like that there’s a whole month – and a week as well for good measure – talking about mental health. But it needs to be something we talk about all the time, because there are countless millions in the world suffering from some type of mental health – be it anxiety, depression, PTSD, or more. It’s so important we talk about it with others, as the first step is sharing and discovering – you’re not alone.

This week’s poem is inspired by my own mental health journey, but I named it after my surname’s motto ‘Stand Sure’. I try to live by that motto as much as I can, sticking to what I know is the right path for me, whatever will come my way.

But dealing with my own mental health comes with a measure of different tools, skills, support systems, and above all the things that make me, well, me.

I take medication for my anxiety, talk regularly with people around me, go for long walks to get away from the computer screen, read books to escape my mind, watch TV programmes like ‘The Great British Bake-Off’ and ‘Stargate’ to both inspire me and give my mind a rest from the intrusive thoughts.

There are so many things I do, that we all do, but I still think there could be more done – and one of those things is speaking the truth of what we all go through.

I’ve written my poem this week which touches on a few things. I hope you like it.

Stand Sure

My thoughts are a whirlpool
Dip diving into the endless stream
Snippets of strange imaginings
Slip out as if from a bad dream

I cannot always control my thinking
I can only control what I do
My fears and worries are part
And parcel of the mind I love so

How can I hate how I think
When the reason I do is me
I dream of new worlds and beings
They stumble onto the blank page 

Strange languages and creatures
Appear unbidden in my mind
I thirst for my dreamings
And wonder each day what I’ll find

But when the days get tough I ask
For others to throw me a line
Bring me back from the precipice
And give me new ways to shine

I take to the lands around me
And thank the universe for this earth
I walk until the thoughts disappear
And I awaken again to my berth

I speak my thoughts to those around
My friends and family are dear
I speak my truth to all now
For everyone who might hear

I stand sure of myself and my dreams
I stand sure in my purpose now
I keep the anxious thoughts at bay
Until I encounter the final bow.

Kate @ Kandid Chronicles x


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