Poem of the Week: The Journey of Money

As you may well know, I’ve been writing poetry every day for April Poetry Month. I have a word prompt each day and write a poem that is either about that word or includes it in the words. You can find all my poetry on my Instagram @kandidchronicles

Today’s prompt was ‘money’, and as always I am amazed at how this poem turned out.

It tells of the history of money, how it began, how it has transformed us and the world around us, and how it is still changing to this day. Once upon a time we had gold and copper coins to exchange for things, while these days we use a plastic card – for are we not in the age of plastic? 

As much as I love buying things – mainly books to be honest, I wonder deep down if money is the source of all our problems. Yes, we need ways to survive and thrive, and there are good things about money. We work hard for it, to keep a roof over our heads, to keep us warm and fed, but once upon a time we didn’t have money, we worked together in groups to help us survive. I wonder what the future will hold for money, and I sort of hope it will be a different relationship. Because, honestly, I think a lot of issues these days are to do with the greed for more money. We need to think differently about our world to save it. 

Anyway, that’s my thoughts on the matter, and also, here is my poem for Wednesday. I hope you like it.

Poem of the Day – The Journey of Money

We once exchanged gifts between us
Sharing our endless knowledge
Then a day came when Kings wanted more
And gold shone bright galore

Faces stamped on every coin
Passed between hands unnumbered
This small thing was no longer priceless
And perhaps that started our world’s mess

Greed begot the hearts of men
The hint of gold and copper in their palms
Given freely and other times tight in their pockets
Melted down into women’s lockets

Flat circular coins found in treasure troves
Hidden for all of time beneath the ground
Pirates hunted and hid their profits
People wailed at their own losses

The rush of gold burned brightly
Travellers from across the globe hunted
Keen on their traverses above ground
While beneath shone treasure without sound

Through the years the wagers and the games
Gave rise to stocks and markets
Bankers rose and hailed this new economy
And people fell into this new novelty

Then the day came when the coins disappeared
Plastic became the name of the game
Cards tucked safe in their wallets
Buzzing at each transaction and invisible deposit

This history is years in the making
What will the future behold?
Will we exchange our gifts once again
What of us beneath the ground will remain?

Will our golden glories survive the times
Coins discovered from histories untold
Heads of olden Kings and Queens long dead
Tossing games of tails or head

Greed is a sin that rises unbidden
The market of money a craze in our heads
We swap and exchange without a thought
To the meanings of things we have bought

We drown in our greed above and below
And the world falls all around us
Will we discover the curse of the coin
Too late in our hearts or will we rejoin

A day that has long been forgotten
A world that seems lost to the dark
Of exchanging our gifts we’re given
Or sharing our heart’s dreams unbidden

One day the coin will leave us
One day we’ll rise from the greed
The greed of men will fall around us
To save our world, I think it must.

Kate @ Kandid Chronicles x


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