Poem of the Week: Riding Waves

I’ve been writing poetry every day now for about two weeks, posting to my Instagram channel @ kandidchronicles, and it’s been amazing seeing what I’ve come up with. Each day I have a different word prompt and I try to create a poem from that one word.

So, although the prompt today is ‘Shore’, the poem sort of morphed into what I imagined bodyboarding or maybe paddle boarding would be like. I have never done it myself, and I’m not sure I would try it as I’m not much of a water baby – I only learnt to swim when I was about 12, and I’m not a strong swimmer. But it’s nice to imagine the ocean around you and the thrill of moving with the waves. It’s a sure force of nature, the sea, and I tried to get that across in my words.

I do live by the seaside, so I know the sounds of the sea and can imagine its depths. That’s what writing’s all about isn’t it – imagining something that maybe you can’t experience in the real world.

I hope you like today’s poem!

Poem of the Day – Shore “Riding Waves”

Can I tell you a story
Of a girl by the seashore
She dipped her feet into a world
And found herself a door

It opened to a land
Of ocean waves and glinting sun
She took a step into the sea
And found herself undone

The waves lapped against her ankles
And she paddled ever deeper
A board at her back
The land disappearing ever further

It glinted in the dark
It shone under sunlight
How can I speak of a nature
That shining blue such a sight

The girl reached out to touch
This new world at her fingertips
Sliding over skin like a glove
It touched her skin with cold lips

The heave of the water
Shook her body and stilled time
Punishing her for trying
Each step felt like a climb

She clambered over the board
Slipped like a fish over the surface
Let the waves carry her onward
As she found her tight purchase

The ocean roared around her
Taking her back to the shore
Hissing and breaking all around
When she reached home she wanted more

The waves hushed in her dreams
The sea roared in her ears still
So she rose back up to take to the sea
To feel once more this world of thrill.

Kate @ Kandid Chronicles x


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