Poem of the Week: Whispering Sea

I’ve mentioned a few times my thoughts and feelings over the past several months. I had a really bad time a few months back, in October to December, but I’ve been coming out the other side of my poor mental health since then, and feeling better each day. 

However, my memories of that time are still stark and partially terrifying, and some days I can’t get the memories out of my head. Despite knowing each day gets better and the thoughts will pass, I still find myself each day consciously reminding of how far I’ve come. I don’t want to talk about it that much, preferring to put it all behind me, but I do know that I got into that mess because I didn’t talk about things. So that is something I need to rectify.

I hope poetry helps in that respect, so here’s this week’s poem. 

Whispering Sea

My mind is whispering
Of terrible things
Memories and musings
From a long way away.

I hear those thoughts
I listen on the wind
But they fly into the air
I will keep them at bay.

There was a time
A short time ago
Where my mind was fraught
With dangers all aglow.

I slip in and out
Like a fish in the sea
Knowing those whispers
Are part of the undertow.

It slips and slides
Tossing me into a heap
But there is a boat here
And I have a way to row.

Reality and fantasy
Were once the same thing
Now I see the world clear
I will not be brought low.

I will rise ever higher
I will take to the skies
This road up ahead
Is brimming with light.

For who can say where a life
Takes you down that road
Through the darkest of tunnels
The stars shine so bright.

Kate @ Kandid Chronicles


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