Top Three: Home Office Desks, Chairs, and Accessories

I can’t quite believe it. It’s been a year since the first lockdown. A year since we all started working from home, and I wonder how long it will be before things go back to what they were.

The question is though, do we want things back to normal?

Working from home is helping a lot of people. It’s saving on travel costs, emissions, and many of us have been getting new pets or purely spending more time with the pets we’ve already got.

As of 13 months ago, we got a new Miki puppy called Magnus. We had Willow, another Miki dog before, so she had a new friend. But lockdown really helped Magnus settle in, even if these days he’s a little bit whiny whenever one of us goes out to the shops. Is that separation anxiety? He’s never known the prospect of being left on his own as there’s always one of us in the house. Well, we’ll see how things pan out.

This blog post isn’t about pets, but about the work-from-home prospects. Are we keen to keep up the trend? And if we are, is our workstation up to scratch?

Something that my friends and I have discussed is work chairs and desk spaces, so I thought, why not find out the best chairs and desks and accessories for the best desk space?

I’ve tracked down three of my favourite desks, chairs, and a few accessories to make things brighter and more productive.

Top Three Desks

Ok, I don’t necessarily have a desk at the moment as I’m using the dining room table as my office. But if I did have a desk, I’d probably choose one of these three.

  1. IKEA’s Lillåson Desk

I really like the clean lines of this desk. It’s not over the top, not too clunky, and would fit very nicely in a modern office space. It’s not too wide depth-wise, but still a nice size for either a laptop or computer monitor. I’d pair it, like in the pictures on IKEA, with some shelves fitted above, but there is some drawer storage available underneath. I feel this would be a nice, streamlined addition to your workspace.

  1. Wayfair’s Desborough Desk

Another simple and streamlined desk, this is a little wider in depth than the option above, which makes it suitable if you’ve got a monitor and a laptop. These days, with working from home, you may have two screens (or like one of my friend’s, three screens!), and will need the space as such for it. I like the shelf unit on the left-hand-side, where you can store notebooks and maybe have a plant or two. But I suspect there may be space on this desk for a plant on top anyway – always a good idea to get a plant or vase to give your office a bit of colour!

  1. Next’s Parker Storage Desk

If you’re struggling for space and need a smaller desk, I’d pick up this particular one from Next. I really like Next Home generally, and they’ve got some lovely desk options, but this one in particular is best if you’re short on space. It has a little shelf above it as well as a large drawer built in, and is perfect for a laptop. I’m not sure it’ll offer the space for two screens, but definitely is an option for those with a single screen.

Top Three Office Chairs

It’s absolutely so important you have the right set-up at your home office, and a good chair is part of that. I’d thoroughly recommend investing in a good chair to save on back pain. There’s nothing worse than using a kitchen or dining room chair to work from – it just does not have the support you need.

So here’s three office chairs I recommend, the first option being one I currently use.

  1. IKEA’s Millberget Desk Chair

I honestly can’t recommend this chair enough. I have had mine about 2-3 years now, and suffer no back pain from it! I tend to be one of those people who hold their anxiety tension in their lower back (as well as my neck), so getting a good chair to work from was a must for me, even before we started working from home properly. This is very comfortable, with back support and a nice swivel. You can change the height of the chair as well, and the price is pretty good.

  1. Wayfair’s Ergonomic Mesh Chair

Another great chair for back-pain, I recommend getting an ergonomic chair for your workspace as early as possible. Wayfair does some great ones, and this is one of the cheaper options available – though it is more expensive than IKEA’s one above. But, honestly, I think if you can afford it you should get the best chair you can. This is a good option for those with a bit more of a budget, with a swivel, height, and tilt options built in, as well as arm rests. 

  1. Next’s Hewitt Office Chair

If you want a chair that’s more aesthetically-pleasing, I quite like this. There are other colours, but I love the pink version. It’s still classed as an office chair with a swivel and height-option, so you can at least adjust it to suit you. But it takes up less space than the other two desk chairs, so it’s very useful if perhaps your space is a bit small for a big chair. It still has arm-rests, though they are built into the rounded design of the chair.

Top Three Accessories

Accessories are so important! Or at least, that’s how I feel. I want to do a proper blog post on accessories for your workspace, but here’s three to start off – not including a light.

  1. IKEA’s Skådis Pegboard

Oh, I really want one of these. Once I get my own place and a desk space of my very own, I’m investing in a pegboard, and this one from IKEA is definitely one I’ve got my eye on. It comes complete with the little accessories, and basically it’s an accessory to store your other accessories on, but storage is so important for your workspace. If you’ve got a spare wall over your desk, this is a very useful tool to keep yourself organised.

  1. Not on the High Street’s Monogrammed Desk Organiser

Oh this is so cute. I like the glass effect as it’s quite sleek and minimalist, but would fit in most office spaces. But what’s even better is the option to choose either the bumblebee or the stag motif, and personalise it with your monogram. It has two large storage spaces, and then the middle box is split into four for your pens and pencils – a nice design I think. Once I have my office space set-up properly, I’m very tempted by this. I would say, Not on the High Street are quite expensive, but they do some lovely accessories.

I love Paperchase, and I love cats. So those two place nice together in this third and final of my favourite desk accessories. Like I said, accessories need their own blog post as there’s quite a few different types, but if you’re in need of some paper on your desk this is a cute addition. I find note blocks like these are very useful next to the phone or instead of your ‘shopping list’ block. For those who like paper to make notes on, and for those who love cats, this is your go-to.

That’s my list for the perfect workstation! Now, I know each and every one of us has different desk, chair, and accessory needs but I hope that those I’ve listed have inspired you.

Here’s hoping things open up in the future, but I’m sure the work situation will be a little bit more flexible going forward, so that office space needs to be up to scratch.

If you have any suggestions yourself on the perfect office desk/chair/accessory, please share in the comments!

Kate @ Kandid Chronicles


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