Poem of the Week: Green

It’s St. Patrick’s Day! Now, ok, I have a very small amount of Irish in me – miniscule probably – I’ve got far more Scottish in me thanks to my dad and a mix of northern European from a long way back thanks to my mum doing one of those ancestry tests. Plus the fact that quite a lot of us who live in Britain have a mix of Germanic and Scandinavian hereditary genes. All I know is, I’m definitely British! Which sorta encompasses all the countries of the UK…

Besides all that, I love the colour green, so I decided that was my poetry theme this week. There’s no rhyme to it, as I just let the words flow this time. I love a bit of rhyme usually, so next week I’ll get a rhyming couplet in or two…

Hope you enjoy this week’s poem!

Poem of the Week: Green

What does it mean
That word green
You’re new to the world
New to this existence
Brand new and filled with life

You’re green behind the ears
Never done this before
Eagerly waiting for that chance
To step up, to take the leap
Of faith into the unknown.

The world is vibrant, verdant
We take that green for granted
We live in a world of plastic
Waiting eagerly for life
For colour to fill our world.

The buds on the trees
Begin to open up in the sun
So many shades of it
That green that means life
I close my eyes and breathe.

The world smells green
Life tumbling over and over
Rising up and falling down
Time brings it forth now
And we watch it ‘til bursting.

Kate @ Kandid Chronicles

Listen to this as a podcast here.


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