Poem of the Week: Hope

Linking in with my theme for this month, this poem is all about hope. I was sorta inspired by my blog post earlier this week, and the words just came to me after thinking of the quote “Hope is the thing with feathers”. Also, I thought it was really interesting seeing a news report about a shooting star which fell to Earth in Gloucestershire last week, and everyone in the scientific community has been bubbling with enthusiasm and delight – and why not, it’s pretty awesome that there have been rocks found from the outer rim of Jupiter’s asteroid belt! I feel there’s a link in there somewhere to hope. Because we see hope in everything. Even in the darkness we know tomorrow will be a better day.

So here’s this week’s poem. I hope you like it!


Hope is a thing with feathers
It dances in the light
She falls like water
A glistening thing
And calls out through the night

Hope is a thing that grows
It falls like living snow 
She rises and pricks
On each living thing
A shooting star all aglow

I have seen the light of hope
I have seen it growing strong
It is unnamed and yet
I feel it each day
Directing me to where I belong

I have tasted the flutter of air
I have tasted the flake on my tongue
I see a star shining in the dark
Lighting my way
‘Tis a song that has to be sung.

I wish upon that star of hope
I see it shining bright
Feeling wonders flying high 
A rampant flame burning inside
In the darkness it is the light.

Kate @ Kandid Chronicles x

Listen to the podcast of this blog post here.


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